Line of sight issues in new dungeons.

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I rarely had this problem in the past, but tab target keeps causing me problems in the new dungeons. Let's say I am DPSing a trash pack as unholy, facing a wall. There are 4 targets. Behind the mobs, behind the wall, about 40-50 yards away there is another trash pack. Why will pressing tab routinely cycle through the mobs in the other pack 50 yards away, behind a wall, out of line of sight?

Tab should only cycle through mobs in line of sight, and in front of the person. This seems to be a new problem, I never had it before... Maybe some walls and obstacles in these new dungeons do not register line of sight properly? This happened to me in Lost City and Tol Barad.

Another example of this issue is trying to LoS a pack of casters behind a fountain/wall in Lost City. Sometimes casters will just shoot at you through the obstacle, and not move an inch.
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Tab got messed up when 4.0.1 rolled out. It's gotten me in more trouble than anything, so I've taken to clicking nameplates instead of tab targeting.

I've had tab insist to me that I actually want to target someone twenty yards behind me. Repeatedly. When the guy I want is two feet away and directly in front.
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Or when you're tabbing through mobs on a different floor of the dungeon. I was in Scholomance the ofther day, and we had just killed the zombie boss off of Gandling's room when an errant tab somehow pulled the boss below us and all her adds through the floor to attack us. It was a total flashback to every underwater quest involving a sunken ship in vanilla ever. =P
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