loved fast cast healing compared to now

85 Undead Priest
hey im all for making things more challenging, but does it have to be more difficult?

But Woo! Those 2 things mean the same.

In fact they do not.

A task or situation that tests someone's abilities

I love challenges .. they can be overcome and it make be a fun and enjoyable experience int he process

"Characterized by or causing hardships or problems"

this is the problem I'm having, its too stressful for me to play at such a slow pace when I used to be a fury warrior dancing around raid bosses with instant attacks.

imagine if all dps classes had to stand still for 2.3seconds to cast ANYTHING, bloodthirst? 2.3seconds... oops INTERRUPTED. want to trap? 2.3seconds.

its unreasonably DIFFICULT
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85 Tauren Priest
Its really not, at lower gear lvl's it just sucks. I can tell that 4pc is gonna be game changing. Being at almost 4k Combat regen in raids opens up my spellbook quite a bit.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Synonyms for difficult

Sense 1:difficult (vs. easy), hard
ambitious, challenging

there was a lot more synonyms, but i stopped at the second one.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Well, if you go back even farther, Greater Heal stop casting was pretty at least I get to use ALL my spells.

Spamming flash heal and never ooming was pretty boring.

Now we're in the middle as far as cast times...and we have to triage, not instantly single button everyone to full.

What specifically in raids is irking you other than the cast times Woo, I'm interested so I can prepare to counter it now.
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