Ok so your rationale for nerfing tower of radiance to the ground was the LoD was healing for too much and eclipsing WoG? Well how about you put a COOLDOWN on LoD?

Right now you've not only stopped people using LoD but even less people will now use WoG. It is NOT POSSIBLE to use divine light in a dungeon or raid to generate holy power, we now have only 1 HP per 6 second holy shock generated so after 18 seconds I can heal for a whopping 5000 with my WoG?

You've really made a bummer here I can't fathom how this got the developers' approval. Nerf LoD with a cooldown, WE DONT WANT IT, you gave it to us, now you are nerfing it, TAKE IT AWAY, let us use ToR to generate holy power with holy light and use WoG,