Terrible Paladin change

85 Tauren Paladin
What a shocker to heal a 5 man today.

"Um, wait, my holy power isn't generating. Relogging quick"

Now that i see what has happened, wow. Was i an overpowered healer pre-hotfix? Yeah. Am i more balanced healer now? sure.

But this change is confusing. My entire good flow i felt with holy pally rotations and setup thrown out the window. This is like changing a mages Hotstreak to no longer proc on fireball crits.

What a strange way to nerf holy paladins, Blizzard. Efficiency is what you should've aimed to nerf BLizz, not mechanics.

Maybe Blizzard does hate healers? Why nerf dynamic gameplay? Glad to be having less fun now, when all i needed was some mana cost changes.

Thanks Blizz
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90 Blood Elf Priest
I am sad this happened (main is/was holy pally). But I am hopeful it will cause an uproar that blizzard can't ignore. The new healing system is a big let down. Reminds me of ffxiv a bit... How the devs didn't listen to their customers and finally got fired.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
You probably want to post in the existing thread about the paladin nerfs. I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard deleted this thread to consolidate threads in one place.
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85 Goblin Priest
Posted by Sharpe
Couldn't agree more. Nerf the numbers, nerf the mana costs of some spells, don't nerf the fun mechanics and honest to god spell array for Holy Paladins.

Back to spamming Holy Light and Holy Shock. Oh and using a Holy Powered heal every 18 seconds.

It's funny too, when I was Prot on my Pal, I thought to myself 'hmm, one Holy Power every 4.5 seconds feels really slow, I think Ret and Holy have it right'. Now Holy is one every 6 seconds.

I have literally announced to my guild that I'm retiring my Holy Pal until further notice. As if finding healers wasn't already brutal enough.

agreed. i just canceled my account... ahh feels good
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85 Human Priest
I hate to see anyone nerfed, truly... but holy pallies were very strong. Why not just buff other healers to match since we're all complaining about being underpowered. It's no coincidence that we are ALL complaining about being underpowered.
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