Quick guide of heroic mechanics (+ ZA ZG)


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Big thank you, and this should be mandatory reading for EVERYONE before they zone into a Heroic.

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Thank you very much for this list. It will be very helpful to me in the near future when I start tanking heroics :D
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For Vortex Pinicale, mobs inside the lighting barrier can be Sapped by a Rogue.

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Thumbs go up! This is seriously exactly what I've been needing. Just one quick spot where I can get a refresher on what ever boss I'm about to start. Thanks!
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There are some tips and tricks I use to down each of the heroic bosses (as applicable). If the healer and dps are mildly competent and listen to instructions, we typically one shot all of the heroic bosses on my runs.

Grim Batol
Gen. Umbriss
By far, having someone CC the shadow trogg is the easiest route. If that is absolutely not available, have someone pull and dps that trogg away. I typically tank him with my back against the wall where he was initially standing, however i'll pull him away to one side (right side facing before the encounter). This ensures that when he charges the group, I'm never in the way of the charge nor do I have to worry about moving. As well, It allows me to pick up the troggs as they drop. The shadow trogg always initially spawns on the left side (facing Umbriss before the encounter), so it allows the cc'ers time to catch him and keep him away from the rest.

Forgemaster Thronus
The biggest mistake I see players make, is that they stand way too far away from him during the shield phase. You should be stacked right up against his rear, on the edge of the "red circle" (denoting that you've got him targeted). When he turns, everyone merely has to take a few steps to avoid the flame shield. If everyone does this (including the healer), it makes for a quick and easy phase.

Dragon Boss
I watch for where the flame adds will spawn and move the boss to the opposite end of the room. I instruct the person who's being targeted to move past me (not run completely away), so i can stun the flame add with my Hammer/Holy Wrath (glyphed to stun elementals). If the add manages to get that far, it gives the dps time to kill him. Once the add has its initial target, I move the boss to the center of the room again to intercept the add and prepare for the flame breath. If the tank is targeted, you just have to play keep away.

I usually tank him in the center of the room with my back facing the stairs where we came in. This allows for a number of things. When he does his shadowgate, it tends to be close enough, where I can kite him into the eye, and we can continue to dps him during that phase. Be mindful to reposition him again once that is done. When he does his knockback, he typically spawns the adds at the same time. This allows me to get knocked back into where the adds are. I will "run away" until the debuff wears, but this usually involves following one of the adds to assist in DPS as needed. Once this is done, I reposition again.

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Halls of Origination

I love this dungeon, because it has so many bosses, in such a small area. Fast runs for a lot of JP's.

Temple Guardian
There are multiple ways to do this, as posted here. No need to repeat.

I will assign a melee to down the pods as they sprout. They tend to dps them down faster than the casters can. I will usually kite Ammunae in the direction of the pods, so my aoe will hit both the boss and the pods. As well, this helps so the melee dps can stay on the boss while positioning toward the next pod. When one of the poison spore mobs spawn, I will kill it fast, and plant the boss on top of the poisoned ground (orange), while staying out of it myself. This will inflict additional damage on Ammunae. The melee are on their own for getting the pods at this point, but I will still call them out as I see them.

This is a pure dps fight. Melee must down the portals and stay on the boss. I will tank ALL the adds. I first grab the big add, and then will plant a consecrate down by the portal to grab the mana worms the spawn later. As I tank all the adds, I make sure to dps the mana worms first. I will kite the entire group of adds to each portal, so I can easily grab the new mob as it spawns. However, the key thing is not to clutter them around the portal, so that the dps can't easily target it. I usually just stand off to the side. And remember to move out of the bubbles on the ground when he spawns them. I've seen many melee dps die as a result. Melee should move "behind" the portal during this phase, and continue to dps it outside the reach of the bubbles.

The key thing is to interrupt his Leap. That does massive dmg and will one shot many players. If you're ranged, try not to be grouped up for this reason, should the interrupt fail. I will start kiting him around the edge of the room first, so that the fire tornadoes stay away from the center of the room. He will move to the center once his energy reaches 0. This is the time to DPS him hard, stack up and aoe heal. Once that phase is done, kite him back to the edge of the room to keep the center clear.

She is by far, the easiest of all the bosses. Kill the adds when they spawn and turn around when she does her super nova. I've found that Astral Rain tends to die the fastest out of the three, so I will target her first during the split.

Anraphet (Trogg room)
This was not mentioned above. This boss is by far, the most challenging of the bosses if the group does not stay on their toes. He will continually drop the max HP of the entire party, so if the fight lasts too long, the tank will be one shotted. I've gotten down to 1 hp before in this fight. I will usually line up the ranged dps and healer along one side of the hallway, and kite the boss along the other side of the hallway. Each time the boss does his Alpha Stance ability and plants down the void zones, I will move him down the hall into void free zones. The ranged dps move in the same format. As the void zones collect, we will move down the hall into void free zones. By staying along the edge of the hallway, this prevents a wall of void zones from blocking the center of the hallway, which makes for a good escape path for everyone to avoid them. It is critical that DPS not remain in the center, so as to avoid him planting a void zone there. Melee dps should always be behind the boss, and the tank should move the boss far enough away from the void zones so that melee are not standing in them. I want to emphasize that during his Omega stance phase, there is NO NEED to stack on him. Instead, ranged should stack on the healer, and melee should stack on the tank to allow for easier aoe heals. During this phase, I will pop either my Radiance, Divine Guardian (group), or ancient guardian to assist with the damage mitigation. Because of the NUMEROUS void zones and dropping max HP, this fight is very much a dance + DPS race. The fight is actually very easy once you get it down.
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I've heard people say that this dungeon is by the far the most difficult one. I'm not entirely sure I agree with that, but I can see why...with so many boss abilities that will one shot a player. Raid awareness is very key in this dungeon.

Giant Trash - Jump when his quake cast is at 60%. Keep jumping until he actually casts it. This will ensure that you never get hit with it.

DPS can start aoe'ing his crystal barrage the moment he stops spraying. There is a second or two before they actually grow, so if they are dps'd before then, they're dead before they even pop up. During his underground phase, it's critical run out of his dust trail and not "back up". Being able to "strafe" during this fight is critical, as you will need to be able to change directions instantly depending on where he's going to pop. I've seen a lot of players try to escape by running parallel to his dust tunnel. Doesn't work. If you can stay in the underground phase, the rest of the fight is cake.

Line of sight issues tend to be the biggest problem with this boss. I will usually tank him closer to the edge of the room, while making sure there's a stalagmite close by. I identify the one I'm going to run behind the moment I get him into position, so there is no delay in my movements. I will inform the healer that I will be tanking him by the edge, so they know where to stand. Because the majority of the spikes fall in the center of the room, the outside tends to be slightly clearer, eliminating the LOS issues.

This boss is a tank dance, and the success of the fight is very dependent upon the successful dance of the tank. I will first position him in the mouth of the cave where he is standing, with his back to the wall (my back is facing the opposite wall). It is important that he remain centralized between the walls at all times, so there is room to run behind him. DPS and healers will be standing by the lamp-post off to the side (you should all know where this is at). When he casts his ground slam, I will run through him to his back side and turn him around after he casts. When he does his paralyze, I will side strafe away down the hall (in the opposite direction of the dps/healer). There's a lot of room to run, but don't run too far. Once he explodes, i will book it back to him. At this point, I am looking down the hallway, facing toward the melee/healers, and he is facing me (with his back to the melee/healer). I will wait until he casts his ground slam, run past him and position him back to where we started. At this point, we rinse and repeat. This ensures that he is never close to the dps/healer when he explodes, and that he is not facing them when the does his ground slam.

High Priestess
I typically have the DPS/heals stand in the left side of the cave (facing her before the encounter). That way, the adds have to pass through the void zones to get to them. As noted in the original post, i will kite her creating a wall of void zones so the adds have to pass through them in order to get to the heals and dps. It is imperative that force grip gets interrupted, else it may very likely kill the tank. This is very much a situational awareness fight.
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Steelbender BRC -

A strat I've used on my DK is to stack him slowly up to 10, then let him spawn the adds and tank them. Although this isn't optimal, I have a bad habit of getting lowish dps groups, hitting for an average of 5-7k on that fight. When the adds are killed (preferably with aoe) the debuff is re-stacked. So you can keep killing adds which, strangely enough, takes pressure off healers.

Great thread by the way.

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Couple notes -

B. Ashbury has 'forgotten' how to mend rotten flesh

It may or may not have been fixed yet, but at one point for siverlaine you could CC the adds then run to the courtyard. The adds will despawn, so you only have the boss to deal with.
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Awesome guide and all just one thing.

Temple Guardian Anhuur
One easy way to deal with this fight, is to have your tank jump down on the snakes before the fight, aggro all the ones around the 2 switches, run up and simply tank the boss with the snakes (they barey deal dmg). Tell your dpsers TO NOT KILL THE SNAKES that are being tanked. If you don't kill them, they do not respawn and 2 players can easily jump down and turn the switches off, without being bothered by anything =)

(they barey deal dmg)

Your definition of barely deal damage and mine are two very different things.
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the snakes barely deal dmg .. i dont remind reading anywhere that they changed it ..

i did with my warrior in green/blues when he 1st stepped into heroics .. the only 2 things that deal dmg in that fight (besides, obviously, the boss) is his dot, and the fire.. thats it.
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Just saying that picking up all the snakes and running up the steps left me sub 1/2 health using cds and the healer having to spam flash heals as a 333 tank.
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Good Advice. I likey.
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Just a couple of notes I wanted to add. If you have a priest in your group for Stonecore, have them cast levitate on everyone in the group except the tank for the rock giants -- it completely negates the need to jump to avoid quake. It can't be done on the tank as any damage removes levitate. Make sure they click off levitate before taking on the dragon -- it can mess with LoS for the crystal storm thingy.

It can also be used to avoid static cling, but since CL will hit everyone, and the adds do damage to everyone, you'd basically have to stop healing to keep it up, which is bad.
not sure this was mentioned but in Grim Batol on the first boss if the purple trogg dies all characters and mobs will be affected

So the non purple troggs can become purple troggs. The buff can stack on the boss quickly leading to a wipe.

This doesn't change the strategy but I thought it should be posted somewhere at least.
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++++ Add a ZG ZA guide!
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This is epic. This should be available for all roles to see.
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Tyvm very helpful :D
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