i honestly dont understand the new model.

85 Undead Priest
i was under the impression that blizzard wanted us to use all the tools at our disposal and cast a variety of heals to keep people alive and make healing more involved.

now that sounds really good and all, but then you play the current game and people have 100k minimum health pools at 85 for the most part and most of my heals do less than 10k.

i honestly feel like with this model i have 2 usable heals, Gheal for a noticable heal and Fheal for an emergency heal.

everything else heals for so little you cant even tell their life bar is moving without multiple spam casts in a row.

then you have things like desperate prayer in holy which is supposed to be your emergency save yourself heal and it only does 8k. 1 hit is usually more damage than that, what exactly is this good for again? you press it and still die on the next hit, awesome.

im just failing to see how giving people 100k+ health pools and reducing heals to the point that only your biggest heal is a noticeable heal follows through with this model.
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85 Undead Priest
i honestly think most of what you are casting is just a waste of time. i mean someone takes a small hit for 20k and you use heal? ok 7 seconds later you are done spamming to get that 1 hit healed... fun and efficient indeed.
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85 Undead Priest
It's all about adapting to the change and understanding how each of our heals work with another. A perfect example of this is chakra, heal and renew.

A tank with 130k health may seem almost impossible to keep up but remember. Unless you're doing a heroic and you know he's going to be taking huge hits like the second boss in Grim Batol you'll fine fine with keeping renew up on the tank through chakra: serenity activated by your heal.

Also, you need to get out of the wrath mindset. People don't need to be topped off. Keeping your party at 60-70% is completely fine because if they do stand in fire, they have a good 3-4 seconds before their butt is toast in which case, it's their fault for not moving anyway. If you feel the urge to save them from stupid, throw them a renew and then refresh it when it gets low on ticks with a heal if you're in heal chakra.

A lot of holy priests are freaking out. Yes, in wrath when a tank would take a huge hit, he was more than likely going to take another huge hit. Plus people only had 40-50k health pools (on average and not in ICC) so you had to use FH to get them back up so they wouldn't die. Now, with a 130k health pool, a tank at 50% still has 65k - and same goes for you DPS who shouldn't be standing in stupid anyway.

TL:DR - you're fine. Don't freak out. Understand chakra.
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85 Undead Priest

A waste of time huh bro? thats why I end fights with at least 25% mana?

sounds like you are


it looks like you are

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