WHAT? I understand that we were overpowered ccompared to the other healers but we could still barely sc*!!! through heroics. Why wouldn't you buff the weaker classes or nerf the content? Now we are the WORST healers in game as far as I can see. I really think you got this all wrong. Sure nerf us a little but don't reduce the healing from some of our abilities by 45%!

I beg you please reconsider, I don't want to have to wait till you see the numbers from raids for this to be changed, I can't even heal the first boss in H Deadmines without going oom anymore

NOONE casts divine light or flash of light EVER unless a tank is at 20%. Our ENTIRE rotation was hitting holy lights off the beacon to generate a WEAK free heal. Now not only have you made this weak heal weaker but you've stopped HP generation?

What are paladins supposed to do? You may not notice but you have limited our rotation to beacon on tank and holy light raid members until they take damage down to 20% then divine light individual members. This is disgraceful in my opinion.

If you want to fix the raid numbers NERF LIGHT OF DAWN ONLY. That is what was putting us ahead, AND EVEN THEN WE WERE ONLY 10-15% BETTER OFF.

Don't destroy the ENTIRE holy paladin system just because light of dawn is not working

Edited by Itsover on 12/14/2010 5:55 PM PST