Let them die...

85 Gnome Priest
Stop healing dps that stand in fire - will dps rage at you? Yes but as they always say, its easier to rez a dps than to heal one. Sooner or later that lazy dps will see that the healer won't toss him as much as a single hot if he continues to stand in that pretty purple stuff on the ground and then begin to actually think about not to standing in it.

Stop trying to top off your tank - They have defensive CD's for a reason. Just keep them up and heal others when you have the mana and time to do so.

Hope those little tips helped those that are struggling. Will this make it faceroll? No, but it will make the healing game more effective and most importantly cost less mana.
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Cata is not so forgiving with dps that lack dungeon/raid awareness. In WOTKL dps could get away with standing in pretty purple stuffz ;P not so much in cata though so i agree with u 100% on letting a Dps that cant watch their threat or cant move out of the way of damage to die. I Think thats a healer flaw. :/ Trying to keep everyone at 100%. >_<
Def good tips for conserving mana!

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85 Draenei Priest
If I stand in fire for longer than it takes to run out, I expect to die.

Kill dps who won't move out of the bad.
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100 Pandaren Shaman
12/14/2010 8:50 PMPosted by Mokh
Dead dps means going OOM before the encounter is over. With mana mattering we can't duo pulls with just ourselves and the tank up anymore.

if u use 50k mana healing that dps you are going to run oom anyway. Better chance of letting them die usually
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90 Goblin Priest
12/14/2010 9:01 PMPosted by Life
DPS wake the f*** UP

Don't call me a priest, call me an alarm clock. And think of any of your deaths as wake up calls.
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