Changing an entire play-style instead of fixing the REAL problem (LoD), what intelligence down at the office concocted this "brilliant" idea?

ToR was working perfectly and was fun giving us a reliable raid heal as well as makeing healing dynamic, then apparently Holy Light got the blame for Light of Dawn's mischief.

Formerly Holy Light working together with ToR allowed a paladin to quicky shift between raid healing and tank healing ala LoD or WoG without the need to waste large values of mana for this transition. People chose LoD over WoG as the improvised tank heal because *shock* Light of Dawn was indeed over-effective in it's use when compared to blizzard's new vision of healing.

Why was LoD over-effective? Your beaconed target would receive ALL stacks of healing done in the abilitie's path, this combined with the Glyph of Beacon of Light allowed you to blanket a raid with tens of thousands of points in health within a short time-frame for a very minuet amount of mana.

Instead of Fixing Light of Dawn's Obvious Advantage, they instead rammed the core ability that allowed this transition from Raid healing to Tank healing in it's back-door effectively removing area of effect healing as a viable solution to an encounter.

Yes this brought my mana issues down to par with my Priest, however the play-style is far more lack-luster and boring by comparison.