the thing here is that I would be ok with it if Holy light wasn't so weak that it's not worth casting. Yeah but Bubbleaid it's mana efficient. It is but we have to balance mana efficient to I can heal you at least with this spell and can keep you up.

Now i use holy light but after 2-3 hits i go spamming FoL because the tank just takes too much damage to make holy light worth using. What do you want us to do stack haste so that holy light as the same cast time of a FoL really 3sec weak heals are weak that is the reason we have mana issues in the first place.

What I thought would have happened is that we use holy light as our main spell then use FoL for oh oh he just took a lot of damage quick FoL then use divine light Oh !#*% the boss just did his super attack of doom I must use divine light to bring him back up quick.

Now we must use FoL since it heals for what the tank takes off damage.