Those who agree with the pally nerf

85 Goblin Priest
Posted by Twîstedkìtty

Pallys can stop acting all high and mighty now and now they can feel how the rest of us healers feel.

They can deal w/ going oom because they can't use their FREE HEALING SPELLS anymore.

I'm smiling from ear to ear at this because seeing all these pallys who bashed on other healers cuz we are 'so bad' and now pallys are dealing with being oom is just the best thing that could have happened.

anyone else would be whining if they had been nerfed, too.


Hi, I'm in a random heroic my DPS took AOE damage.... I cast rejuv... They only heal for about 5% of their health which in that time THEY TAKE MORE DAMAGE

You don't call that a nerf?

All I have to say to pallies is YOU DESERVE IT.

Druid wearing cloth complains about others being OP. More at 5.
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Posted by Duese
I agree that blizzard didn't test the abilities properly.

I agree that failing to even mention the hotfix was completely ignorant of them.

I agree that relying on a single mechanic for 90% of your healing is/was not the design focus of the new healing paradigm.

While I agree with the "nerf" I still don't think they have a clue exactly "how" things should be nerfed or in this case, changed.

Pretty much this. It was an easily identifiable situation - just like Prot Paladins block capping too quickly with Mastery. This isn't some weird or out-of-nowhere exploit that someone stumbled upon. It was plain as day, and yet Blizzard let it go right on through. Slowing the rate of Holy Power generation seems fine, and then slashing Light of Dawn's throughput feels like overkill.

It's also worth noting that there are a couple bugs out there inflating Paladin's healing throughput, which may be influencing Blizzard's numbers. Did they change things with that in mind or not? No way of knowing, but it makes me wonder if Feral DPS was balanced around a broken (over-damaging) Rake.

If Blizzard has been asleep at the wheel twice now, only to wake up and say "Oh hey whoops!" about something completely obvious, it should make everyone nervous about what they're taking for granted about their class. That's what bothers me most.
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87 Blood Elf Paladin
I just think it's ridiculous players keep saying 'oh pallies deserved it' and they aren't really even grasping what was nerfed or how we were nerfed.

Paladins were reporting the bugs in our spec for literally *months* now, because they've been there since Beta, and instead of fixing bugs that clearly carried the spec to a much higher and efficient level than the other classes, they left those in and nerfed our actual PLAY STYLE. Which was changed as of 4.0 the moment we got holy power, instead of a week ago when we got Cata.

Yes, things needed to be changed. On that gross ugly Worm thing I was easily sustaining 15k hps while the next closes healer was doing 10k. Now we're all doing 10k. ./shrug It's still an annoying fight and we clearly haven't mastered it in my guild. And I most certainly do go oom, just as I did before this change. But I have absolutely no problem healing heroics and I don't know any healer that does, be that class shaman, druid, priest, OR paladin.

Now we're all equally annoyed because our play styles were all equally ruined, really. That's all this nerf accomplished.
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85 Undead Priest
Blizz just made your ability to kill bosses much harder. Lets, chear for that?

I cheer for challenge and fairness yes.
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85 Orc Shaman
The 'combo point' system was fantastic. The numbers needed tweaking, instead the entire mechanic was basically scrapped.

The numbers needed tweaking, instead the entire mechanic was basically scrapped.

mechanic was basically scrapped.

basically scrapped.

The mechanic was not 'basically scrapped.' In fact, it's not scrapped at all. The mechanic is still in place. Just adapt. Instead of a free heal every 6-7 seconds from HL spam, keep Holy Shock on cooldown and use your FoL/DL every once in a while for more power. Solved. It's still possible, and still powerful.

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