RAIDING heals: Are things better?

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From the similar thread spam we know lots of people are having issues with the new heroics for whatever reason, and others aren't for whatever reason.

How are the raiding healers doing, and do the supposed issues still exist within what I would hope are intelligent groupings? I know bad LFD is bad. How is with good people once you get the feel of the fights?
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I actually had more fun healing in our raids last night than I have in heroics since the xpac came out. With more healers assigned to do different things (tank heal, group heal, etc.) there's much more leeway. We didn't get anything down, but it was a first week of non-beta players learning the fight and I think we did pretty good.

In raids it's even more important to watch your mana but thankfully with enough coordination between healers there's no reason anyone should be using their mana-guzzling spells unless there's a serious "oh *%@@" moment. Even then, only one healer needs to do it and the next time it happens another healer can do it and on and on so everyone's mana is balanced.

We've tried in both 10s (last week) and 25s (this week) and I'm having more fun raiding again. Another key factor is that since raids are guild driven, if someone screws up the raid leader knows the onus is on them for not getting out of the fire and WILL call them out accordingly, unlike LFD where a DPS standing in the fire means the healer will get auto-kicked. long as your guild is intelligent and respectful, raids are actually more relaxing than heroics. Weird how that works.
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i think they made it harder for healers so we dont heal the *###ty dps that didnt move from the fire
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Each fight requires you to manage you mana at a different rate, that is the confusing part right now. You need to go into each encounter and learn how fast you can use up your mana in relation to the fight length (avg 8min) what regens the fight provides you, what cooldowns you have and how to minimize not only damage but healing done.

You will not get it in 1 shot, nobody ever does (not even neo)

In saying that, 25mans are a joke, esp with the pre-nerf holy pallies carrying the tanks and aoe healing.

10mans .. are tough ... really really tough, those who have cleared it have done it in full 346/crafted/rep epics (yes some people have this much time), while 90% of the playerbase do not even have the gear for heroics.
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