DPS, what's your Heroic Que times?

90 Night Elf Priest
Remember the good ol days when Queing as a DPS was only a 10-15 min wait? I don't know about your guys realms but mine is running 35-50 min (averaging on 45min) :( And when I do get in, it's usually a bad group where either the tank or the healer isn't happy with the tank or the healer and they just end up leaving, or I get frustrated with the other 2 dps doing like 4k dps and just leave myself lol.

Thank God I have ran 99% of my heroics with a guild group, I feel sorry for people who don't have that luxury.
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90 Tauren Druid
PuGs are simply brutal right now. I have been queuing as kitty while I learn the dungeons (I've been on late at night when most of my guild is asleep) and most of the tanks seem to be stuck in the WOTLK mindset, trying to brute-force over and over and dropping when it causes wipes.

DPS are guilty of this, too. When we've marked targets for CC, they will refuse to use it and say "lol, CC is for heroics/raids" or whinge that we're taking too long to mark. I was in a group earlier tonight where I marked moon for mage sheep, yellow star for rogue sap and blue square for hunter trap. Only the hunter ever CC'd, and sometimes he would CC the other targets or even the skull-marked mob.

And then there was the lovely warrior tank I had before that who would charge right into a group of perfectly-CC'd mobs and Tclap. I asked him if he even knew how to tank with CC and he told me that CC was for failbads. o_O

The only reason I continue to step up and tank after the bad ones ragequit is because I know I can do better. But still, ugh. I'm not surprised that this has turned a lot of the good tanks off due to frustration, and the bad tanks are turned off that they can't faceroll AOE everything anymore.

Healers are just turned off, period.
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85 Human Mage
12/15/2010 5:34 AMPosted by Snuzzle
I marked moon for mage sheep, yellow star for rogue sap and blue square for hunter trap

So people DO remember moon = sheep! <3
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85 Orc Hunter
The biggest issue is healers. They're just not enjoying the new mechanics of healing in today's WoW. (Some enjoy the challenge though).

They're just not queuing up. Hell, I don't blame them. We finally got Grim Batol Heroic down last night and for the life of me, I don't know how casual players are going to do Heroics like GB until they get a ton of epic gear. I hope I'm wrong!

It's definitely challenging and very rewarding when you do clear the instances in heroic but I'm glad I'm not a healer. I feel for you guys. Blizz has gone in the right direction making healing more of a challenge, but in all honesty, I think they might have gone just a tad bit overboard.
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85 Undead Warlock
I tried doing instances while I was getting to 85 to supplement my questing xp. Every single time it was a 40-50 minute wait, and every single time I ended up getting into a group that was on the last boss of Stonecore and had wiped like six or seven times prior to me arriving. Never again.
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6 Human Warrior
¿Heroic qué?
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