Healing Tips

This is for all the scared healers (not druids) out there. Afraid to try healing because of the hype. One statement you have to get through your gooey gooey heart.

"You cannot save everyone. You can only save those that save themselves."

1. Get rid of your quick heal. That is now your emergency heal. It was big and fast.... now its a mana sucker. Think of that like your cool down heal. Only to be used in dire situation.

2. Find your "lesser" heal. It will be the heal you got at level 10... but never touched at level 80. It will have lots of dust on it for most people.

That is your new Go-to heal... DPS get hit by random cast AoE... Use it.... tank taking static damage.... Use it. You jumping and spinning? Use it.

3. AoE heals.... only exist when you have 4+ people to heal at once. If two people and the tank eat a breath spell... make sure you tank is fine with your quick burst cool down heal... and then spam your go-to heal on the noobs that tried to kiss fire breath. If they die.... they are dumb for trying to make out with the boss. Save your AoE for an AoE attack... like lava man from BRC.

4. Cleanse... you have it... use it. You could spend the next 20 seconds keeping a hot or other heal on the target. Or you could just cleanse him and save yourself the time/mana.

5. Spell Synergy. Make use of it. The new healing model IS NOT TRIAGE! The new healing model is using spell synergy to help boost your spells into getting more use out of their HUGE mana costs. Read your spell descriptions. If you are having troubles, fall back on your go-to heal while you learn the rest.

"You can only save those that save themselves!"
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
why is a hunter giving tips?

anywhos hes pretty on, quick heal is bad mana burner, i dont touch it unless i accidently press it, like seriously, that stuff says it costs 4k to cost, but no, it wants more, takes like 7k and says deal with it. slower cheaper heals are the way, tanks should be avoiding not taking damage :D

on aoe heals i midly disagree, prob cause i have my beacon of light so doing light of dawn heals the idiots and the tank for me nicely, so its prob more of class situation dependcy sort of thing :D

cleanse is 2k one use, i know one fight no matter how much i used it it was reapplied th posion, saved more mana leaving it there.
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Because... the only way to speed up my queues is to help the healers out and My main is resto sham.
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85 Night Elf Priest
He's right tho
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