Warlocks + Blade's edge arena = OMG

90 Blood Elf Hunter
It's acceptable because there are no relevant consequences beyond "arwawr im so angry". The warlock can't help his partner when he's doing that, and you applied the correct counterstrategy by killing the warrior since he didn't have the same mobility. Once it's a 2v1, you've already won. It's just a matter of a #*%# warlock dragging out the inevitable.
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85 Troll Druid
Have to be out of combat to cast soul harvest, I'm sure that there is some way 2 players can keep a single player in combat in an area as small as an arena.
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85 Human Warlock
You killed a warrior in 6 seconds.

You eventually won against said Warlock.

Why are you QQing?

Working as intended
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90 Blood Elf Paladin

He did. Several times. In fact, it's the reason the warlock was at 60% and not at 100% when he jumped down the last time.

My point is that if he'd had a healing partner, we wouldn't even have touched him.

Then what's the problem. He wasn't do anything other than annoying you. Your healer went after him several times and only got him down to 60%. You killed a warrior in how many seconds?

Oh wait, I see what this is.
Complaining about someone having mobility. By a Ret paladin.

sorry, carry on with your QQ
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85 Dwarf Paladin
Posted by Stoutfist
<blockquote data-quote="15364262961"><div>Posted by Zing</div>
affliction damage DOES need a buff.

It definitely doesn't.</blockquote>

Considering he did about 100k damage to me and my healer while I did about 300k while barely being able to keep up with him, I'd say affliction damage might be a tad low.
brb balancing the game around 1500 rated warlocks.
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85 Orc Warlock
12/15/2010 7:33 AMPosted by Kazakof
How Soul Harvest and Glyph of Evocate managed to retain 40-45% healing when everyone else had their self heals gutted, I'm not sure.

Because they're....channels?

Even the OP notes that all the lock accomplished was dragging out the fight, there was simply no way he was going to kill double paladin on his own.

Christ, a rogue could drag the fight out even longer with less risk if they really wanted to, should we nerf rogues too?
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85 Tauren Druid
Posted by Stoutfist

My point is that if he'd had a healing partner, we wouldn't even have touched him.

But.. you would have... killed the healer... right?
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80 Worgen Druid
Posted by Mireina
<blockquote data-quote="15363462437"><div>Posted by Flura</div>[quote="null"]15364262651</blockquote>Rofl yes, brilliant solution. Or maybe you should just realize that any class has the potential to drag out a 2v1 on most arena maps if they feel like being an !%%%#@!, and just call it a day.

Like Rogues!

Oh wait

Like Warriors!

Oh wait

Like Priests!

Oh wait

Like DKs!

Oh wait

Absolutely anyone can drag out a 2v1 or 1v1 if they feel like being a @%*@head. Maybe not quite as effectively as the warlock on Blade's Edge, but they can drag it out by playing passively. That was my point. All it results in is you being frustrated, and if you still win the match, like the OP did, then why are you still coming to the forums to complain about an isolated incident like that?
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85 Undead Warlock
OP is complaining about a win?
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85 Goblin Warrior
So the problem was Soul Harvest, which can only be used out of combat, and your healer did nothing to help you keep him in combat when he teleported up there.

Great work there.
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20 Human Paladin
12/15/2010 12:17 PMPosted by Kaikou
I think it's pretty widely acknowledged that warlock self healing is *way* too strong right now. Expect a nerf, who knows when though.

I think it's pretty widely acknowledged that mages need to be before locks in the nerf line. In fact, I think locks are in the acceptable range and that the mana regen on ele shammies, shadow priests and boomkins need to be buffed a bit so their mana can last in a fight with a mage or lock. From my experience, mages and locks have much better mana regen than boomkins, s priests and ele shammies.
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85 Human Priest
Then your next 3 matchs were on RoV, Nagrand, and Ruins. Where you procede to train the lock unable of escaping while your holy paly tanks the warrior. 20 seconds later the lock's dead without a proper gap closer and you waddle over and 100-0 the warrior in HoJ.
Who's the one that should really be complaining?
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61 Troll Warlock
Reminds me of a healer v healer match I had in a 2v2 long ago in BC when our partners died. I was the paladin, he was the druid.

That, my friend, is a true story of Ad Infinitum.
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100 Blood Elf Hunter
12/15/2010 7:06 AMPosted by Stoutfist
The problem comes mainly from Soul Harvest healing them. The reason it lasted so long wasn't because I wasn't doing damage to him, it's because he could heal it back quite easily with soul harvest after demonic teleporting out of LoS. Maybe the heal on Soul Harvest is superfluous? Maybe Demonic Teleport needs a longer cooldown? I don't know for sure, but it certainly needs a fix.

Station one person at his Portal.

Other person chases him.

He cant get OOC, and one of his main escapes is partially nullified.

Honestly, i've had fights against healers in arena where we both lose a partner go on for more than half an hour. This isnt new in any way.
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90 Dwarf Paladin
Just don't jump down after him.

Also, why was your healer not cleansing you out of fears before UA went up, and if UA went up first why were you not interrupting the fears?
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