Pointers for Dealing with Mana Issues

85 Night Elf Druid
I dinged 80 on Monday and went straight to Hyjal where I've been questing and gathering gear. I have some greens, some blues. In fact, what you see on armory is -better- than what I went into Blackrock Caverns with.

I've -just- come from WotLK quest- and dungeon-grinding and they were the faceroll I've grown accustomed to. At the same time, I've also read the complaints on the healing forums about how hard the new instances are, especially heroics.

Not having good gear, being spoiled by WotLK, and the weight of what might await me on my mind, I trepidaciously ventured into BRC.

A few points about the run:

* We did clear it;
* I did not dip below 75% mana;
* I only once had to drink in betwen fights;
* I did not keep everybody at full health all the time;
* Yes, we did wipe a couple of times, but it was several people's first-time there and nothing my healing could have saved;

Lifebloom + Nourish Spam

This seemed to be the proverbial bread-and-butter of my healing. As soon as the tank pulled I started stacking Lifebloom on him. I then spammed Nourish and actually overhealed to keep him at full health.

The +Spirit combined with mana returns from talents/glyphs/whatever meant I was more or less keeping my mana bar completely full and the tank healed.

Sometimes he'd take a huge hit and here's where things got different than WotLK healing: I wouldn't react. I'd keep spamming Nourish to bring him back up.

If I did feel things were bad I'd actually throw a Rejuv on him with a Swiftmend following. I'd then let the HoTs tick and keep spamming Nourish. This also healed the melee DPS around him a little bit.

I think I cast Healing Touch maybe twice during the whole dungeon.


Here's where the bulk of my "expensive spell" activity kicked in (in no particular order). If I were casting a Nourish, I'd immediately stop casting and begin to fire off my quickest and most expensive spells:

* If the group was taking damage then Wild Growth;
* If the Tank was low-ish on health, Regrowth;
* If one of the DPSes was low, Regrowth;

Then if you've got any time left, throw Rejuvs out with impunity. If one of them is really low on health I can throw in the Swiftmend to heal a chunk of it.

Tree Form

I'd pre-emtively jump into Tree Form sometimes and used it mostly when the situation got really bad. It was here I started spending mana like crazy, following the above rules.

I also used the opportunity to put Lifebloom on EVERYONE, regardless of health.

Clearcasting procs a lot in Tree Form and I'd use the opportunity for an instant Regrowth or Wild Growth, sometimes even if they didn't need it.


Lifebloom + Nourish spam. I'd even use Nourish on DPS with low(er) health that didn't seem to be taking heavy damage.

Rejuv, Regrowth, Wild Growth in emergency situations and always, ALWAYS cast my expensive spells during a Clearcast, even if I didn't even need to. Abuse Clearcasting every time it procs.

I was definitely overly-cautious. I really did have a window to spend far more mana and be just fine. Again, I'm coming from reading a forum full of "healing is broken" posts and was very frugal with spells.

Yes, I realize heroics will be different, but my experience was nowhere near the doom and gloom I've read on these forums, and I intend to put the above methods to work in heroics, as well.
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85 Goblin Priest
Your advice is sound but it's important to remember that your spell costs will increase dramatically as you level to 85.

Regardless, nice post.
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85 Undead Priest
Wait until you are in raids and your overhealing on a tank isnt going to cut it when you need to heal every raid member for 50k every 7 seconds.
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87 Blood Elf Priest
you dont really start noticing a dramatic change in levels till about 82, or 83 in my case. Then I finally switched from disc to holy.
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