To Reign of Fire or not to Reign of Fire??

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I was reciently in a dungeon with a group of players. Anytime I would see a group of 3 or more mobs pulled I would use reign of fire. The group began to get upset and rag on me for useing the ability asking if I had any other abilities and what not. I guess the question is in the title.
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In some cases Rain of Fire is fine, in others it's not.

At lower levels, it's often a good idea to avoid too much AoE because the tank may not have a full tool-set (or may not just have the experience) to handle too many mobs at once.

At higher levels, some pulls require more crowd control, and using Rain of Fire will break it.

If for whatever reason RoF is causing problems, just switch to single-target focusing the mobs.
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90 Undead Warlock
The problem with Rain of Fire (and a lot of AoEs actually), is that the damage they put out is fairly weak compared to what you could be doing with single target spells. Also, the mana cost at 13k per cast is pretty big.

The one thing I dislike about RoF is how long it is just to get the 1st damage tick and then between the remaining ticks. Often times when there are large packs of mobs that are worth using my AoE, they're either half dead before I can even get a tick off or they've run through it's damage area while taking minimal damage because they went through between ticks.

I'm sure it's a bit of a "grass-is-greener" and "different classes are different" situation, but as far as I know, all other AoEs like Blizzard, Hurricane, and Mind Sear damage at a far faster rate and can do more damage in a short amount of time.
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