Hello all --

New to the server and looking for guild.

I played through BC content and took some time off. Decided to start anew on a PvP server. I looked for low pop but evenly balanced server on the realm status pages and ended up on Azshara.

I'll be leveling a pally and priest and I'm looking for a guild. I am interested in end-game raiding and have been an end-game guild in the past on the PvE server I started on. However, I'm not in any rush to get there.

I understand that guild rewards work two ways now -- so that what I earned could go to guild advancement and money and I'd get an exp. boost as well. Please send me an in-game message if interested.

I had an end-game pally/priest combo that I healed with and tanked (pally) on Alliance before.

Lakx or Lakxp (pally)