Lightwell has room for improvement

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As you may have noticed I am not a priest, but I do run with one, and I have a couple of suggestions on how I think lightwell could be improved from a DPS perspective. The major issue I have with the current lightwell is the ease of using it in combat. As a melee dps in the new very dynamic cataclysm encounters, it is difficult to keep the lightwell in view for use, and so most of the time when I'm trying to use it I have to completely stop what I'm doing and go look for the lightwell. On top of this by following boss mechanics I am frequently forced out of los of the lightwell, and or some entity or effect sits on top of it rendering it useless. At very least I think the effect could be a bit bigger, so it would be easier to locate and click quickly without seriously interrupting other duties. I think it would be incredible if there was someway to bind lightwell use to an action bar(perhaps via a bag item like a healthstone?), but that might be a bit over powered. A nameplate on it would also be super useful.

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87 Blood Elf Priest
Yes, that'd probably be nice, but as it is we'd apreciate if you could just use it like it is for now. Personally I always try to drop it in an easily visible and central area. If it gets clobbered or hidden, I understand and will help you.

However, Blizz is quite in love with this spell as it is and currently it's our best heal so just try and work with your priests if you're having difficulty with it.
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They already buffed the click range from RIGHT FREAKING ON TOP OF IT to something like 20 yards, which is actually a pretty huge range, all things considered. One thing I try to do is make sure it ends up behind the melee if it's going there, since you can click it without having to face it. One of the big things we have to contend with is hitboxes (bosses like Marrowgar, for example, render Lightwell completely useless, due to abnormally large hitboxes and boss size). The graphic being larger, though, would go a long way. Though, there is an "Interact with mouseover" in default options that you can keybind. ;)
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