So I play an 85 druid and Ive done a few heroics and I actually do enjoy the pve healing changes. However, after doing a few battlegrounds Ive noticed that there are more stuns/ccs to stop me from healing as well as many more spell interrupts for different classes. It seems that hp and damage have scaled nicely with eachother but when I look at my heals it seems rather pathetic. Nourish isnt even worth using in pvp because it heals for 5khp with a cast time longer than 2.5 seconds. Regrowth and rejuv seem to oom me rather quickly. I can only use lifebloom on one target now unless I go treeform which now has a cd and only lasts 30 seconds. My swiftmend does about 13% of my hp whereas in LK it did about 50% and my healing touch now does about 17% of my hp when it used to do about 70%.

Why is it that damage and hp have scaled about the same, they have added more ccs and spell interrupts, AND my healing now does about 25% of what it used to and ooms me faster?

Healing my have been good before but it wasn't that good.