I am disappointed with the changes.

85 Blood Elf Paladin
I am upset with the changes made to healers, we used to be able to go through fights and not have to drink... we were promised that we would be able to enjoy healing MORE...

since healing I have noticed the mana pool lasts 23-30 seconds TOPS... groups wipe on trash in dungeon and spells are about 5000-10000 to cast and only heal for about 7000 health... the cheap spells to cast are 3 second cast for 4500-6000 healing. ( tanks having 106-145k at lvl 85) are taking 20k damage every 3 seconds, Now we are expected to heal that, with a max of 23-30 seconds of mana... I have never before hated healing so much in my life...

-- In WOTLK: Mana was abundant, healers finished fights against Lichking with aproxx 30% of their mana still left.

-- In Cata: Mana IS NOT abuntant, healers heal the tank for 20% of their health and OOM.

-- In Vannila WoW: Everything was great healers had mana, they could use their mana and even overheal for fun to see if they could get a nice crit...

I am so disappointed with healing, I will prolly give up on all my toons and go to another realm make a rogue and enjoy 1 shotting people untill the next expansion... either that or Stop EXP on my 80s and enjoy the good stuff...

I know this is a complaint thread, but it has to do with healing and maybe JUST MAYBE Blizzard will read this along with 30 000 reports ingame and realize " Oh snap, all the healers are going DPS, who is gonna heal and witness our new content" Well the anwser is the few that enjoy yelling /y OOM...

" note to everyone who reads this, this thread/post/topic/ this is not to be arrogant, obnoxious or complain... This is to possibly give blizzard an idea of how much healing has lost its charm"

So if you post ANYTHING against what I posted up there I will just report your post for breaking the rules... Which are found here ---> http://us.battle.net/en/community/conduct <---
( Does not include constructive criticism, I will tolerate that)

So as a player, I ask you( blizzard ) to please fix healing, give us Druids back our old spells and paladin healer back their old spells [ in addition to the new ones ] Cause lets face it healers make this game possible.
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85 Human Priest
What is wrong with actually using that water that is in game?

What is wrong with managing your mana, which is a resource?

While this healing change is out of blue, nothing really is wrong with it except weaker heals. Everything else is fine.

Now go ahead and report me.

Here is another little fact for you: Grouping is a teamwork activity, not competitive activity. PvPing is competitive activity, not PvE.
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2 Gnome Rogue
You are doing it wrong.

And yes, that is constructive criticism.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Honestly IDC anymore... I am going to park my Druid in the most remote location in the game and never touch it again unless they return our old spells like they were...

So from now on I will sit in goldshire and chat with chickens cause thats the only thing that can't get nerfed!

For blizzard: Coal for chirstmas.
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85 Night Elf Druid
If your group is taking more damage than you can efficiently heal, someone is usually doing something wrong. It definitely sucks with LFD pugs. The only heroics I've done have taken 2+ hours, but they were doable once mechanics were learned.
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