Here is going to be our setup for 10 man raids, and we don't have a Priest and a Shaman, and so I will be filling one of those roles as a healer. Which does our group need more between those two? We have most of the buffs and debuffs covered and need to decide between Power Word Fort and whether to have WF / WoA totem. Thanks

1. Tank: Death Knight
2. Tank: Paladin
3. Melee DPS: Death Knight
4. Melee DPS: Rogue
5. Melee DPS: Paladin
6. Ranged DPS: Mage
7. Ranged DPS: Hunter
8. Healer: Druid
9. Healer: Priest or Shaman
10. Ranged DPS / Third Healer for certain fights: Druid