Hi all! I'm looking to tame the elusive Loque'nahak and would like to hear the stories of you other lucky hunters on Khaz. What time and where did you tame him? How long did it take?
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90 Gnome Warrior
I was drunk, so I dont know what time I tamed him. I just got lucky in East Sholzar.

Now both specs aren't even related to BM so he's just wasting away in the stable.
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85 Worgen Warrior
I kill him every time I see him , so another hunter cries!
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90 Night Elf Hunter
Is this info still correct.. and any updated info i need to know.. ? ?

- Spawn + Re-spawn System

- re-spawn is around 6-16 hrs. ??

- that he seems to spawn most on X:00 - X:30 - X:40 - X:50

- His spawn is random but after you have tamed/ seen it killed u may will be able to know next re spawn.

- It has been said that after he is tamed/killed he will re-spawn 6-16 hours (+ 10 min for body to de-spawn if not skinned ) later in another spawn spot.

- Loque is usually tamed or killed w a few min after he spawns...it is rare for him to survive long.

- the % of spawn in each spawn location is same, which mean he dosnt rly spawn more in one spot then other one.

-Loque is a non-agressive and shows as a yellow dot on your map

- now that realms are cross linked.. now you have more competition to find him

- Strategies For Taming Him:

- Camp one spot until he shows up-
- Fly from one of the seven spawn points to the next until you see him
- Fly around his spawn spots every hour and every half hour.
- Put ur char in one of his spawn loc before u log off.
- Look for him right after restarts / server crash

HELP .. is this all correct now ? or am i missing something new


is there a forum another spot to post spawns times
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2 Orc Rogue
One does not simply capture OG Loque, you have to be the realest hunter out ya hurr
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90 Orc Hunter
Due to the newly implemented CRZ, much of his spawn details are largely moot. If you log out at any point waiting for him to re-spawn there is a good chance you will be ported to a different realm when you log back in meaning that you're now on a different spawn timer.
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88 Undead Hunter
Good news tho!
I spent ~3hrs all up finding Karoma in Twilight Highlands and got him.
Its luck based pretty much xD
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85 Tauren Druid
He seems to spawn a lot near the gorilla mobs. There is a map somewhere on the internet (just search for him by name and you'll find the map easily enough) that shows all of his spawn points.

The cross-realm thing is probably making it more difficult but when I tamed him on my hunter, I found him just an hour or so after server reset. I didn't camp the area, I just logged on to my hunter who was parked in scholazar a few times per day and flew the route to all spawn points.

I don't remember if it was warcrafthuntersunion.com or petopia but they have a great section devoted entirely to Loque. And I got one of my all time favorite quotes there: "You don't find Loque. When he's ready, he finds you." Loque is the mate of the big spirit cat in Zul Drak so we know that Loque is male.
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