How does one DPS?

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I know this sounds like a really stupid question, but as I new DPS, I keep hearing about /assist and focusing on the tanks target, and I don't know what to do.

What does /assist do?

What if my tank is tabbing through his targets (and nothing is marked)...which target should I hit?

When is it ok to AoE?

Thank you so much!
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This is a good topic, anyone know of a good website/forum that has good info on plain jane dps tips? I'm not talking class specific but just stuff that people need to know. Like /assist for example. If nobody explains it, how do people new to the game know it's even there?
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Click the boss, then start smashing your face against the keyboard.

Take notes of which areas give the best results when struck. Eventually you can pin-point the buttons that cause the increase in performance and a simple tap will suffice rather than the broad smashing action.

Being a good DPS is all about experience and common sense. You try to do the most DPS you can, take the least damage you can, and do your absolute best not to do something that will blow up the party/raid.

/assist macros aren't necessary because knowing what target to DPS falls under common sense and experience, and /assist is mindless for the most part. If there's a specific target that needs to be burned down, you should know ahead of time. If you don't there was a lack of communication or research on you or the group's part (research is also important, though you could do none and skate by as a mediocre dps).
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You'll learn all you need to know by just playing the game. As you start to develop insights into where your deficiencies are, you'll learn what you need to research specifically. Asking other players from time to time helps, but only when you have specific questions. Those who have been playing for a long time take a lot of things for granted.
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A good DPS'er.....

Interrupts casters

Assists the tank

Helps peel adds off of a healer


You need to always be thinking "How can I make this run go smoother for everyone?" The answer to that question is NOT "Do as much DPS as possible and forget the rest."
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12/19/2010 9:20 AMPosted by Khanor
Assists the tank

Helps peel adds off of a healer

NO! As a tank, I can assure, you, attacking a target NOT attacking the tank just makes things harder for the tank to control. Besides, a good tank sets the healer as focus, and has a macro to taunt creatures off of him/her.
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