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Hello Skywall,

Kaveta is looking to recruit a few good members. We are a newly formed guild focusing on leveling and earning achievements. We look forward to raiding and doing other guild activities once we get the chance to do so.


- Horde dedicated
- Mature
- No excess foul language
- To keep guild integrity intact, we have no tolerance for drama or rudeness. We also do not tolerate trade chat spammers.

Reply here or pst in game.

Thank you
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12/19/2010 7:42 PMPosted by Mybanks

- Horde dedicated
- Mature
- No excess fowl language
- Drama free

I have a few questions.

1) If you're "Horde Dedicated", does that mean guild members are prohibited to have any alliance toons? Or that you scream "FOR THE HORDE!!!" every 10 seconds or so to show how dedicated you are as horde members? Also, I fail to see the reasoning to pay full price for half of a game. Would you help me to understand this concept?

2) As far as maturity goes, doesn't #1 conflict with #2? I personally don't see how someone can yell FOR THE HORDE all the time and still be mature. Not because they're showing pride, but because they're being obnoxious (if that makes sense?). Besides that, if there was TRUE maturity in the guild, there wouldn't be any discrimination between Horde and Alliance. Trust me, sweetie, I play both factions and I can tell you they're almost exactly the same. Oh, and fun fact - I've met more 'kids' on Horde side than Alliance. I have no idea how that happened.

3) Not much to complain about here, other than the fact that it's "foul" instead of "fowl" - unless you're really upset about chickens... in that case, I apologize for that "c" word I just used pertaining to my favorite fried meat. Speaking of, I think I'll eat those leftover hot wings in the fridge (or was that offensive to you? Let me know if I've crossed a boundary here, dearest).

4) Is the drama free? Or is the guild free of drama? I dunno, darlin, #1 may cause a bit of drama among a few people unless there is some sort of clarification. Now, if the drama is free, do we have to buy our own popcorn? Because I thoroughly enjoy the theatre, and would very much like to see what happens next. Like a soap opera. Without the soap.




P.S. - I mean absolutely no disrespect, and I am genuinely curious as to what your answers may be. (A little long-winded, but I'm extremely bored.)
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