How is it with other healing classes?

86 Human Paladin
I know i'm not 85 ^^ I go into Bgs alot though and am curious of how other classes heal.

As a Holy paladin I put my Becon on someone I know will prop recieve alot of damage. Then I just jump around using Holy shock/WoG and Holy Light when it Procs. I try not to use FoL too much because I get click happy and spam it alot >.>....I get called OP because my mana doesn't go down much...even though I spam my most mana effiecent heals x.x...

Then I have my little Divine Prot/Bubble to keep me safe :P and Cleanse! ( I freaking love this skill)

How do the other healing classes function in Bgs :o?

Thanks in advance ^^
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85 Goblin Shaman
Good healers are doing fine no mater what class they are, howerver people who are bad healers are doing horrible and QQing up a storm.
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100 Draenei Shaman
I spend most of my time crying for peels or rezzing in the graveyard.

On a more serious note, mana is generally fine in BGs. The water regens fast enough that blowing 70k mana in a 30 second fight is not 100% bad and dying gives you full mana as well. Healing is still extremely painful and frustrating if you don't have a good team. I can survive vs quite a few classes solo, but most of them are bad. In arena I get wrecked by a bunch of different classes.
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86 Human Paladin
I know what you mean...I sometime heal 2-3 people against 3-4 Hordes...They don't even have a healer...Well after about a minute of healing the Horde get smart and gang me...I die....And the other team lost no one in the process....Sometimes I wonder why I bother healing random people >.>...
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