Is my DPS too low for the instance?

85 Blood Elf Mage
Ok here's a bit of backstory:

I've done a few heroics and the first few I did went remarkably well. They were challenging and I was pressured to use my crowd control and use any and all abilities I could and it was quite fun. Today I tried doing heroics and the first heroic I get is Shadowfang Keep. We clear out the trash without any difficulty and run into Baron Ashbury. After wiping a few times to learn how we were supposed to fight him we worked out our interrupts and get him down to 25% hp at which point he goes super nova and we wipe. We try again and again but every time he goes super nova we keep wiping because the DPS cannot do enough damage in the very short amount of time we are given because the healer is barely healing us at all.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not ranting at the healer. He was trying very hard and we tried many many times without giving up but we could never get him lower than 300k hp before we dropped. After a few more tries I was kicked from the group because my DPS was 6.5k whereas the other DPS memebers had 8k+ DPS.

Is 6.5k DPS too low to be running heroics and if so what the hell am I supposed to do about it if I can't get heroics gear? How is DPS supposed to do these kinds of boss fights where we are all taking massive amounts of damage from a boss going supernova. From what I can see there isn't all that much gear that DPS can get to really improve their performance without first running heroics which they can't with these DPS race bosses.

Yes I realize you are going to point out I don't have enchants/gems but I'm not made of money and I really don't want to have to invest all this gold in gemming/enchanting gear that I intend to replace. It seems like a massive gold sink. Even if I did gem/enchant all my gear I doubt it would make all that earthshattering of a difference when it came to my DPS.

I run arcane and I use Arcane Blast until arcane missiles procs and I don't let arcane blast stack more than 3 times before dumping it with a missile barrage. I also use my trinkets/cooldowns whenever I can during a boss fight. I would be more than happy to switch to fire/frost but so far whenever I've done tests with the training dummies my arcane damage has always been the highest.
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You're at the very bottom. If everyone does that amount, it's going to be very difficult on the bosses because of healer mana. You generally have enough players to off-set the balance a little bit, but if someone was doing even less, then that's a problem.

I never had H SFK until today, and my party's dps was only mediocre for a heroic. We skipped Springvale but otherwise were able to complete the dungeon. That fight is a dps race at the end, but we barely managed. I saved all my cds (healer) for the very end after I realized he enrages. That wasn't enough. Then I realized that if the boss is going to take everybody to one health regularly throughout the fight and otherwise does wimpy aoe damage, there really wasn't a point in healing past 30% unless they're the tank. So I had enough mana left from that to compensate for their dps.

Part of it is the healer saving mana for the end. Dps is important for that fight though, because the healer will oom very very quickly on that last part.
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