5000 Hordies and counting.

85 Worgen Rogue
Since Cata was launched iv gone from 200 hk's to 5100 hk's.... Now I understand that it must really suck getting camped especially by the forgotten Alliance so im writing this to appoligize to those who deserve it. Next time you see a horde get its face smashed in during a one on one battle and is calling for help ....ie "come on guys theirs one alliance here I need atleast 4 of ya to help me"...tell him to get lost because for every alliance I see die 100 horde die and that's no lie.
Now if your one of these horde who doesnt cry for help then its you im appoligizing to.

Sure the Horde outnumber us 10/1 some people think more since most alliance are forgotten alts. The way I see it, is for every alliance comes 10-25 horde alts. That means iv got 25x more oppertunitly to kill the horde.

On a pvp server thats a rightous thing to have so im glad im alliance on this server and wanna just say one more thing. If your a lvl 85 horde and you think you can take me ill say anywhere anyplace anytime cause iv discoverd horde fail at pvp on this server unless they outnumber us. Just look how wg worked out in the last 3 weeks before cata when the sides were fair..Alliance owned ya.

I say good day
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Cool story bro.
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One of the bigger wallotexts of qqing I've seen.
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90 Gnome Warlock
One can only hope the qq'ing over limitations of queuing for Tol Barad will end in a somewhat more constructive manner.
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i remember going to WG and reading the book there with the Horde/Alliance stats.

lol @ alliance. it's going to be the same in Cata, alliance just fails too hard (unless they gank Org at 4am, that's another story)
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Bad timing to post that, since we've had Tol Barad all day.

Don't worry, you'll get it back around 3 am when we won't have the full 15 people.
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Your fault is in believing its limited to 15 people

Defense is clearly favored in TB, and with alliance being able to queue in groups of 5 and actually get in, rather than be stuck with whatever mouth breathers the "random" process selects for the horde to equal how few alliance actually join, doesn't exactly go our favor.

It boggles me how anyone actually manages to lose on defense. 5 competent people are enough to hold TB on defense
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