PvP Rating & Conquest Item Adjustments

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SO I want credited time, because I just spent 2 weeks carving towards a 2200 the legit way and now boom the only thing i do in WoW, (arena) has no progression cause some people who were able to figure out ways around Blizz coding managed to glitch their way up. I don't pay for mistakes, i pay for professionalism and this is not it. I do believe that time should be credited back to the players for Blizzard mistakes.
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Still no forum post by Blizzard.

I'll make it more professional if that is what it will take.

Problem: Each time I (and others I have spoken to) queue for Rated arenas and/or Rated Battlegrounds we lose conquest points.

Currently for me, it says I am 1737/1343 for my conquest point cap for the week, and every time I queue for arenas, the reward for winning is -396 points. Which subtracts from the conquest points I have saved up from the first arena week, and this current week. So. All of the conquest points I had from last week and this week are gone.


1) With my max conquest cap for the week being 1737/1343, will I lose points next week as well because apparently, somehow, I went over the cap?

2) Will my conquest points be returned? I do think they should because those who had gotten high enough rating bought their weapons. It is extremely unfair to remove the conquest points of those who were saving up and not delete the epic pieces of those who bought them already. If you don't delete the epics they already bought, then are you guys -really- going to let people who bought the weapon be an entire week, or even two weeks ahead of everyone else because of your mistake?

3) Is anyone at blizzard even reading this thread? I'm tempted to make another thread because of my lack of faith in Blizzard's ability to reply quickly to problems such as this. Maybe if Blizzard sees it in a fresh thread they will be more motivated to reply?

None the less, I understand the work that you all put into the game and do appricate the quick and sincere replies to our questions. Please answer these few questions that I, and many other players are concerned with.

Thank you.
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12/22/2010 1:23 PMPosted by Sygma
It still doesnt address why 2200 weapons cant legitimately be earned until Jan 25th. Why dont they shut down all heroic raids till then too?

#1 - They're removing 2200 weapons because they feel like it. Quit whining, it's 13 iLvls higher than T1 (OMG THATS LIKE 1k DMG THO!!!!). On top of it all, they're removed for EVERYBODY. You're all just angry because, having a bugged arena rating, you got more points than you were supposed to and now you can't set yourself at an advantage over everybody else for the next few weeks.

#2 - Provided people are even able to down HModes by Jan 25th, there's no guarantee they'll get a weapon drop and no guarantee that the person who gets the weapon is even a PvPer.

Besides that'd be like, what... 40-50 guilds worldwide? One week lockout broski, you're looking at maybe 200+ people (out of the millions that play this game) having an HMode raid weap.
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Whats dumb is these players who think they feel cheated because they didn't "exploit" its a bug, and if you had gotten points from some team that had bugged their rating higher than that it should have been, and you gained more points because of that then you too were benefiting from this.
An overall increase in mmr leads to higher teams, not a single player grinded rating legit even if they didn't leave the arenas
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now only if disc was not broken i could achieve GREATNESS!
12/22/2010 1:23 PMPosted by Sygma
It still doesnt address why 2200 weapons cant legitimately be earned until Jan 25th. Why dont they shut down all heroic raids till then too?

It would have made 10x more sense to refund all the 2200 weapons and just leave it at the arena reset. Its not hard for someone who is that good to get back up and earn it. Those who dont deserve it dont have it. And those who are good dont wait.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the 2200 weapons simply a cosmetic upgrade over the standard epic arena weapon? I'm assuming you can still buy that before January 25.
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12/22/2010 2:04 PMPosted by Kylos
Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't the 2200 weapons simply a cosmetic upgrade over the standard epic arena weapon? I'm assuming you can still buy that before January 25.

The armor is all iLvl 365, but the weapons are a jump up from 359 to 372, providing a noticeable (however proportionally small) increase in damage/healing done.

Yet apparently, everybody loves to complain about small things.
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So people who exploited will be able to use their weapons etc. on the 25th? Or are those items going to be removed?

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When are the Achievements and highest arena team rating going to be reset?

Matchmaking rating was bugged.
This caused inaccurate team ratings.
As a result, conquest point caps were over-inflated.
To fix this, Blizzard reset Team Ratings, and Conquest Cap.

That's all well and good, except...

You let the bugged caps go live, for everybody who had the opportunity to farm and spend their points at the inflated cap.

You then reset the points cap and rating in the middle of a game week, taking away as-of-yet unearned points from people who hadn't had the opportunity to play this game week, but allowing gear purchased with the erroneous points to be kept.

This creates a situation where people who happened to have the day off, or opportunity to play before the hotfix, earned points at whatever inflated cap they achieved last week.

Yet people who had to work or were unable to play before the hotfix for whatever reason, are limited to the minimum cap for a 2nd week, regardless of rating earned last week.

In simpler terms if you had yesterday off, you earned 2k+ points this week.
If you had to work yesterday, you earn the minimum points cap of 1343.

This is ridiculous and unfair, I expect something will be done to compensate for this atrocity.
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PvE to gear for PvP pulls ahead again :\
ya, because tons of guilds will have hardmodes on farm by jan 25.

Oh wait, no they wont.

What game are you playing. Yes they will at least a couple
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12/22/2010 12:28 AMPosted by Matrixqt
give us tier one weaps then. leaving a lot of people without weapons is completely retarded.

this guy is one of the exploiters that got t2 weapon by transfering. It is all over AJ. He cheated the system and he wants a T1 weap for his efforts.
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