Troll v Goblin..... Who's the better priest?

85 Goblin Priest
I've been a troll priest for PvE because I enjoy their berserking racial while casting. But now I'm curious about the Goblins extra racials, but also because of their casting racial. So the question is apart from other bonuses "would Goblin priest be better off because their 1% is constant instead of 10% berserking increase every 3 minutes?". I'm not sure because since Cata the game has evolved very quickly so that time constraint may hurt me in the long run?

-Thanks any opinions on the matter openly accepted with any thoughts also other than the question presented.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I would say hands down blood elf is the best choice for the current game.
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85 Troll Shaman
Without doing any sort of math Im pretty sure the Goblin racial comes out on top, but Troll berserking is more of a burst type cooldown. Whichever you find more useful really.
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42 Human Priest
While the passive 1% is going to net a lot more saved time over 3 minutes than the 10%, it's not going to have nearly the same effect when it hits the fan. A 1% isn't going to be noticable whereas the 10% makes the a difference when used - the difference you need.
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88 Blood Elf Paladin

Sorry, I never cared for the racial argument on what race to play. You're better off just playing what race you like more. If you insist on going off of a racial, then goblins because I personally prefer constant effects.
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85 Tauren Priest
Berserking and Time is Money are about equal, but I rolled and stayed Troll because when I'm casting PoH, I need it and I need it now. Though Blood Elf is actually the clear winner for regen, I actually think troll is slightly ahead in terms of throughput (I could be wrong on whether it is - but it is valued at about 142 haste, as opposed to 128 haste for goblins), assuming it's used on cooldown. One thing to note about Berserking though - use HoH or DH at the end of Berserking, rather than the start. Also, Berserking is a 20% buff, not 10%.

The best part about Berserking is that it stacks with Power Infusion, Borrowed Time, Serendipity, Bloodlust, and Lifeblood.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Meh, they're both good. Go Goblin because Rocket Jump poops on Da Voodoo Shuffle ;)
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