over aggro dps

85 Goblin Priest
With limited mana and resources, how am I supposed to heal the tank AND the 1-2 dps who keep pulling aggro. I just had to kill a boss in a regular dungeon with just the tank and I, since all the DPS died. I tried to keep them alive, but had to put the tank first.

While healing the tank, if dps pulls aggro, I throw an 8k shield, and maybe a renew to top them off, but they continue to pull aggro, and drop faster than the tank. DPS response? Oh you need to heal me a lot. They want so bad to top the meter, they refuse to manage their aggro.


I thought letting them die a couple times would teach them to manage aggro, but they just keeping slamming their heads into the wall.

Why is blizzard punishing healers with over aggro dps, and tanks who cant seem to hold aggro? Maybe for a little while they can implement a buff that lowers all dps aggro and boosts tank aggro until people figure this stuff out. very frustrating.

I have all 4 healing classes and regularly healed ICC25. I just dont have the resources, and can't get them with this BS.
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20 Dwarf Hunter
I don't heal them, I let them die....and I feel no problem with that. They want to be stupid and keep repairing, then I will continue to let them die.

My new macro when I rez them, "I can rez you, Insert Name Here, but I still cannot heal stupid!"
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90 Blood Elf Paladin
I let people know I can easily keep 1 dps, a tank and myself up through most mobs and bosses .
Dont get me wrong there are times people pull aggro I get that, I'll throw a few heals on them but if they pull aggro again they wont live.
lol simple as that.
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