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So, from a paladin, I know there was a lot of hype about new spells, AoE heals etc... but come Cata, im healing, and i cant even count how many times I've said, out loud, why the heck do i even have this heal? or, well that was useless.

Pointless heal I have number 1. Beacon of light
Yes, my treasured heal that defined my role in earlier dungeons is useless. I was just in grim batol, and now that it only heals 50% I knew it would be stupid to cast on the tank, since he gets the most damage. But the melee i cast it on got aggro, and no matter how much i healed the tank, the melee's health descended. Now, with my mana at 50%, i switched to actually focus on that DPS, right as the tank got aggro and his health flew down. Needless to say, i was oom. We wiped for the sixth time and i was kicked from the group. I pounded my fist in anger so many times, from a NORMAL run.

#2, Holy radiance.
For real, does it do ANYTHING?Its an AoE heal, btw. I see +1.5k floating up from peoples head, but when you have 100k health, that does absolutely nothing, and this spell costs 15% of my mana base!

#3, Divine light.
My *Greater heal* takes forever to cast and heals a little more than my FoL for 10% of my mana base.

#4. Holy light.
No matter how many times i cast this stupid thing, no ones health budges. It only costs 2% of my mana, thats nice though.

So in the end, i find that im still spamming Flash of light to get the tanks health up, but the only difference is, i can only cast it 10 times because one time i cast it costs 10% of my entire mana pool! I realize im not geared and healing is supposed to be more difficult, but the game is no longer fun! Its taking FOREVER to get any drops in a dungeon. Cataclysm is not more difficult, its more time consuming and frustrating than ever before! I want to switch classes so badly now... it really does stink.

Please, make the journey to the more difficult parts of the game easier. I LOVED heroics healing in WotLk, but in cata i cringe every time i click the LFD button for a normal. I was so sick of it after my first run, i logged out. Its not fun. Make my skill as a player more important than my mana pool so i can actually get more engaged into the dungeon, is what i think.

Thats my QQ for the day, i dont usually go here to complain, but these dungeons are really starting to frustrate me and i just had to.
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85 Worgen Priest

Circle of Healing

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100 Blood Elf Priest
1. Beacon still usually goes on the tank. Its purpose is to provide a steady flow of hitpoints to the tank at times when you have to heal someone else. During periods of heavy tank damage, you'll be casting Divine Light on the tank, and you'll still be glad your Beacon's on him because you'll get Holy Power from that. (In some cases, Beacon may go on you...but still mostly on the tank. Never a DPS.)

2. (shrug) it does seem to be the general consensus that Holy Radiance is at best highly situational.

3. Divine Light is a great heal. It's your go-to heal for keeping the tank up during heavy damage. And it's far more efficient than Flash of Light.

4. Just because you don't see the bars moving doesn't mean nothing's happening. You might just have your bars scaled down really tiny. There are a number of reasons (procs, efficiency) for pallies to cast HL.
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Let me help you out here Nazashi.

1. Your gear is bare minimum. In fact, I think its too low. Unless you want super hard mode healing, you should be in almost all blues first.

2. Reforge your gear to haste from mastery. Order of awesomeness is Int>Spir>Haste>Crit>Mastery

3. The beacon should generally be on the tank. When you cast Divine Light and Flash heal, on the tank, this gives you holy power. Plus, you'll want that 50% healing on the tank when you have to look away to babysit the dps.

4. Its all about your skill as a player in using your mana pool. Efficiency. How can I get the most healing for my buck? People have a lot of hp now, that's for you to use. You don't have to fill them up right away, or top them off, as damage isn't that high. Use your heal, and holy shock to generate holy power. Flash heal is for emergency healing, and divine light is used when large steady damage is being applied. Beacon is when the whole raid is taking aoe damage, and you need to counter it then. Otherwise, efficiency.

5. Get healing glyphs. The lay on hands one to give you mana back. The one in which your healing seal causes you to do 5% more healing. Pull the points out of crusade, and put them into Eternal Glory. Word of Glory is your goto awesome spell, use it all the time.

Final note. Healing is not a twitch game where you top healing bars anymore. Slowly fill those health bars up, and only cast a big heal when you can't sustain them at a healthy level anymore. Its going to take some practice, and adjustment, but you'll do it. Look around for others to help you, they'll be more then willing to make you an excellent healer.
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
Im kinda shocked by the helpful replies. Thanks for the tips, and i know the gear i have is low, but im completely broke actually and professions and dailies have never been a big part of WoW for me. I guess that will have to change. I still find that the damage input is too much.

When i cast divine light because i see that steady stream of damage, it takes so long i think that they might die before i cast it. I could stack haste, but its more like it feels like im still in a WoTLK instance, with mobs hitting the tank like they used to, but now im nerfed.

I dont have the time to sit and ponder what im going to heal, and i have yet to be able to anticipate it. I guess Ill have to continue trying to adjust or quit if i cant find a solid foothold in healing...

Thanks for the helpful replies and not "Stop QQing". I really appreciate it!
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100 Blood Elf Paladin
I'm thinking this is a troll.

1. Beacon isn't supposed to do anything but give you some bonus healing. Throw it on the tank and forget about it. Also, Look at your talent called "Tower of Radiance." That is still awesome as !%!%, even though it got nerfed.

2. Holy Radiance is like 1500 healing per second for 6 seconds. That's like an 9k heal for everyone in the group. It's not the be-all end-all of aoe heals, but it surely does a nice job of making you work less (although it is costly).

3. Divine light is like our best Heals per second spell we have. Expensive yes, but you're obviously failing at mana management.

4. I still use holy light all of the time and usually follow it right up with a holy shock which usually ends up healing for around 20k. You need haste to make this viable.

It seems your qq is centered around your mana. You need to set up a macro that casts judgement on your tank's target EVERY TIME it's up. And I mean EVERY TIME. We are by far the sexiest healers so right now, and have 0 room for any qq. I have healed through almost every heroic and have had no problems.

Also, never be afraid to pop a cooldown, even on trash. Guardian of Ancient kings doubles your healing and spreads the heal to nearby party members. Lastly, ffs, reforge your gear, stack spirit and haste, gem when you can and enchant.
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No problem Nazashi. The best way I found to get gear was to complete the zone quests. There are several blue rewards interspersed throughout that are item level 333 blues. You'll also get great gold finishing them up too.

Afterwards, try getting the quests from the regular dungeons, Halls of Origination (Must complete the Uldum zone to unlock it) The lost city of V-something, and Grim Batol. If you run them all once, with a little luck, you'll be revered with someone and have the gear you need to dip your foot in heroics. Come back anytime and ask.
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