Need help using Grid

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I want to switch from Healbot to Grid because it seems more comprehensive to use & to monitor group buffs/debuffs than HB is. Not to mention, HB becomes very annoying in a 10/25 man raid because it takes up too much screen space. Is there a site that explains how to set Grid up and are there any additional plug ins that I'll need to heal with it? Thanks.
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What do you mean you need help with it O_o

Simply install it, type /grid to bring up the list of options and bobs your uncle, set it up as you please.
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Here is a pretty good tutorial, although it's aimed at druids and a few versions out of date:

It should still familiarize you with the essential features and how to set them up.
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If you prefer the click healing method you can download Clique from curse as well. Then just open up the clique tab and click the abilities with the buttons you want them bound to. I highly recommend using it or creating mouseover macros. It will be just like healbot but grid allows for better monitoring of debuffs imo.

Some other great addons for grid are side or corner icons, and raid target icons. So if DBM puts an x on someone you can see it on your grid. It will make life easier.
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See this post I made a while back when comparing Vuhdo vs. Grid.

I mention the main steps needed for setup and at the bottom of the post have a list of the most useful grid addons for a healer.

P.S. You can scroll up to read what I wrote about Vuhdo too if you want. Vuhdo is also an excellent healbot alternative.
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