100 Tauren Shaman
So with "Heal" reduced to topping off I am left with some interesting abilities. I can flame shock a bad guy and use greater healing wave or I can risk a chain heal or even healing rain followed by a unleashed weapon. These are all excellent option and with Greater Healing Wave I can crit heal 30k. However unless I flame shock a bad guy Greater Healing Wave costs a lot of mana. And the other 2 cost a lot of mana. The problem with all these especially the Shock and Greater Heal is that it takes time and thats something that healers in Heroics just do not have. Ok I know were talking about a few seconds but with the amount of damage in Heroics those few seconds can literally make or break a group.

Why bother with shocking? You have an ability called Tidal Waves. Use Riptide to set your next two G/HW's up for speed, or even CH if the bounces will hit. Healing Surge is only .2 seconds slower in this case, and thus not really worth using, unless you want the 30% crit. Sorry, but it sounds like a learn to play issue. Keep at it.

Would be worse if i used Tidal wave. Tidal wave decreases my cast time of GHW by 30% thats fine but by putting talents into Focused insight my GHW mana cost is reduced by 75% of the shock spell and its effectiveness is increased by 30%. Hence the Flame shock followed by GHW. Trust me on this I have studied the new Shammy healing a lot lately.

However even after my Op I do want you all to know that I finally downed 1 heroic boss yesterday. Sadly we could not get past the second boss and after 5 wipes decided to call it a day.
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80 Gnome Warlock
12/16/2010 8:48 PMPosted by Discarded
5. If I can not get heroic geared my chances of doing Raids are slim to nothing. And I really do not like the idea of 1 hour wait time to do a 2 - 3 hour heroic. So this means that people like myself will be unable to progress any further in the game.

Blizzard seems to be digging in there heals as far healing is concerned and I like a few others will keep trying and hopefully will work out a way to get the average group through a Heroic. What worries me is that many are just not going to bother making healers a very precious commodity in the game. I feel that eventually Blizzard is going to be forced to do something to help out healers. Already Priests have received a buff all be it a small one.

Agree 100% - I think that there has been a disconnect as far as the Casual Raiders go.

I do not have 2-4 hours for just 1 Heroic Dungeon even in BC it was not that long unless your group was completely terrible and it broke up after the first hour. I do not have a problem grinding the issue is the long hard instances that with BC and WotLk were moved away from. In Vanilla the quest lines in BRD grinding away for 40 people to get attuned for Ony was such a pain.

And as far as PvP I do not even know what to say. Trama healing in PvP really? I am free HK and cannot even heal a player back up to Full. As this season starts up we will see how well healers are doing with no mana and weak heals.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
12/16/2010 8:52 PMPosted by Discarded
I wish I could do guild runs. Right now I can not as I am working when most of the guild is on. So I am reduced to randoms. :O(

My recommendation would be to still not depend on the dungeon finder (entirely), but on groups from your server. See if you have friends or guildies who know other people who are in the same boat as you. Advertise on the realm forum. Find people in particular who have the motivation to learn the fights and stick it out rather than the "I want loot NOW" gold diggers.

If you have no option but to use the dungeon finder, queue for specific dungeons rather than randoms. That has the only disadvantage that you lose out on the valor point reward and has several advantages: First of all, you don't get the dungeon cooldown, so if the group proves to be incompetent, you can leave after a wipe and requeue immediately without having to wait (note that if you leave the group immediately or shortly after joining, you will still get the deserter debuff, even though you avoided the cooldown). Second, you can pick and choose your instances. You can read up on the fights and trash beforehand and be better prepared. You can pick one of the easier over one of the harder instances. And you will still earn the same amount of reputation and justice points for boss kills -- you'll just lose out on the end of instance reward.
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85 Worgen Druid
Demoralizing is a good way to describe how I've felt in random LFD groups. I logged off twice yesterday frustrated at the inability to keep groups alive on Ripsnarl and Springvale. Those bosses are very overtuned for random groups. The healing changes combined with the hardmode heroic bosses have made healing tedious and stressful.
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100 Blood Elf Priest
Ripsnarl and Springvale are the 2 most demanding healing fights in the game right now. Both are DPS races, however, and typically shouldn't be seen as a healer test. Springvale has a soft enrage, and Ripsnarl has waves of relatively intense healing (even at best) made worse if adds aren't handled quickly or if the tank's letting the healer tank the adds.

No real advice for druid, but both fights were doable (albeit barely) on a pre-buff disc priest in 333 gear. DPS is the key.
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