90 Draenei Shaman
We must as healers take a stand against those pugs who tell us we suck at healing Bcuz they didnt have the since to get out of the fire.
We must take a stand against those tanks who try to train pull and u all die cuz we as healers couldnt carry them.
Dont say u dont have any probs with healing Idiots until u try a few pugs.
Dont say Sht if u can heal but rolled dps.

We as healers should have the option to kick anyone in the grp with out a vote until we get people who avoid the FIRE!!
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100 Tauren Shaman
I have been called so many names by people in heroics because I can not keep them all alive. Time and time again I have seen Dps make stupid moves or stand in the aoe and not even try to move out. Then scream at me for letting them die..again. Then there are locks who tap all the way down to 20% in them middle of the boss fight and expect me to blow what little mana I have on healing them. And lets not forget all the DPS class's that just refuse to use there interrupt abilities on a boss.

I am completely demoralized right now. I am going to keep trying but its getting to the point were I am going to do what other healers have done in my guild and just give up.
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85 Draenei Shaman
The problem with not healing the people that stand in the bright green bubbling stuff that is killing them is now we are down another dps. Which means either a longer boss fight and more of a fight to find mana or a wipe. Either way its not fun. So yes "let them die" seems like it might fix the problem but it won't. We will still be called names and blamed for the wipe.
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90 Draenei Shaman
Like i have said many times B4 in other threads..we as healers are not the problem..
it's the tanks and the dps who dont understand the changes or refuse to acknowledge them
at all.....all they care about is that u as a healer heal them reguardless of the situation, they have (most tanks and dps) not left WOTLK and still expect to be carried.
Blizz needs to do something or there wont be any healers Q'n for randoms..period.
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90 Draenei Shaman
12/16/2010 9:27 PMPosted by Xstacey
just let them die... works for me. the'll follow direction..

yes of course
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85 Undead Priest
let the bads die. if it causes a wipe.. kick them and hope for a better dps. if its your friends being bad, tell them they suck and to figure it out. If you play nice and take peoples !#*# you're not going to find happy pugs
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87 Blood Elf Priest
We must also increase our bust.
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healers go through so much more pain now days, i suppose this is the challenge blizzard wanted for us. Not only do we have to relearn how to prioritize our spells, we need to guide people to not stand in AOE's and to use their CC...
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