Disc no longer feels unique.

90 Troll Priest
Disc was my favorite spec for healing near the last half of wotlk because it was a very unique style of healing involving more damage prevention with shields than direct healing. It felt very different after direct healing on a holy pali for so long, which is why I think I liked it so much.

Then Cataclysm hit...

Ever since I hit 85, I've found that shielding more than the tank feels very ineffective for the mana we have, and for how much it absorbs. I found myself having to direct heal more and more with greater heal. I really feel that disc has become just another direct healing spec, which makes me feel it it not that unique anymore. What even throws me off more is that lower levels have not been changed, so the level 1-80 disc style is still there till 83+.

So, I'm wondering if this is intended, if disc will never be unique again, if it will get better with gear, or am I just missing something??? Or could it be that it was like this at the beginning of wotlk when i didnt have a priest maybe??? Either way I am now holy until I feel disc is unique again or I level a second priest to experience the disc I love again.

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1 Night Elf Hunter
Disc shields sound about as effective as Druid HoTs

If you find yourself stuck casting slow, weak, direct heals all day long, regardless of which healing class you play - working as intended.
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85 Human Priest
shields have synergy with a lot of talents, choosing to PW:S isn't just about the damage mitigation but also the crit bonus with weakened soul and the fact that it's instant cast and procs 6% mana regen isn't bad either...

nothing in particular is extremely potent. the combination of tools in the right amounts at the right times is what it takes.
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