Best pvp'rs of dmaw

86 Blood Elf Death Knight
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90 Blood Elf Priest
May this server rest in peace.
Alliance, you were the first to go.
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80 Human Paladin
These were my favorite guys to fight and play with in TBC, and the best in my opinion. I threw myself in the list because I've beaten just about everyone name dropped in this thread, before resilience was even offered to retribution paladins in TBC.

Druid - Vorrent, Justinator
Hunter - Ashlionheart, Raybourne, Landrover
Mage - Neeb
Paladin - Zelrus, Zerolimite, Zorgat, Xaith, Rendette (All Z's... until Rendette came along)
Priest - Kasher, Jordons
Rogue - Greengum, Reflex, Vantt
Shaman - Kid
Warlock - Idotu
Warrior - Gamingfreak, Thelegacy

You can also include the best of No Dice anywhere in that list. I'm forgetting a few, and for that I apologize, I've been away for years now. Hi everyone. :)
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90 Undead Priest
You're just listing famous dmaw citizens of the past.

For example, Landrover would be the first person to tell you he was awful at pvp.
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29 Troll Hunter
There is this rly cute druid named Trillí I heard he's better than Cheetahq.
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70 Orc Rogue
Who are they? And why?
Only names I'm aware of that have ever played on dragonmaw would be idotu, reflex, uck, zizek, and I've even been told greivous was really good back in the day.

I guess in my opinion I would have to say uck simply because of the videos I have watched but that's my biasd opinion . I've had encounters with reflex and can say I've died everytime , and he does have titles and achievements to show he has skill it seems. I dunno ...just starting up a conversation from work on my phone

reflex, r u serious? I hope he has gotin better in the last few years.

I have to find my ss of me and knives owning greivous and proficy.
now Silentknight was a decent alli rogue, many battles between her and me lvling up in around lvl 40ish.

long live West Dragon!
aint talked to loganz or zizek in a good while, But ill never forget when Loganz got his pretty litle pink dress in AQ20!
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100 Undead Mage
Druid - Druidad
Hunter - Ashlionheart, Avandre
Mage - Pkpkay
Paladin - Zerolimite, Zorgat, Grievous
Priest - Jordans, Zizek
Rogue - Reflex, Emarnon
Shaman - Pulses
Warlock - Idotu
Warrior - Esoterric
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90 Troll Druid
Druid - Arkenbane,Luake
Hunter - Palehunter
Mage - Blizzaga,Herbalwizard
Paladin - Highwinds
Priest - Djeserit,Squaresoft,Jordons,sallice
Rogue - Vantt,Reflex,Tharix,Callidus
Shaman - Atomiq,Rotand
Warlock - Idotu,Zackmorris,Uck
Warrior - Esoterric,Ebonkeep,Hori
DK - Badfish, Biotox
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86 Human Mage
Paladin - Wolfgaris
Priest - Keldge
Warrior - Fatard, Greathector
aka me and some people I pvp'd with.
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