i have a question to vanilla people

90 Tauren Druid
i came in late tbc and i rolled a healer mid wotlk it was easy yeah yeah, but in vanilla was it only one way to do things or was many different ways to heal efficiently.
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85 Night Elf Druid
We downranked our heals to stay efficient.
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87 Blood Elf Priest
I only ever healed on a priest in Vanilla but them they were very different times back then. There was no Recount, no Omen, no DBM, no Healbot, the most you could hope for was CTRA if that.

From that I do remember, you could do it however you wanted. I don't ever remember being told I was "doing it wrong." There were mana concerns, yes, but you'd just sit in the FSR and regen until you got it back.

Ah simpler times and good ol' days. It was a lot more relaxed, I guess is what I'm getting at. There really were no rules as long as you got the job done in the end which is how it should be.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
12/17/2010 2:58 PMPosted by Xynx
We downranked our heals to stay efficient.

yeppers, hardly ever used our biggest heal...i was a shaman back then healing.
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85 Worgen Priest
We downranked and usually ran with 39 other people in our raids. That really left a lot of buffer room except when we finally got into AQ40 and Naxx.

" There was no Recount, no Omen, no DBM, no Healbot, the most you could hope for was CTRA if that."

Ummm. There may not have been healbot but there was the original decursive as well as CTraid's emergency monitor. They pretty much made most healing a faceroll for bad players until they broke it. Then you could tell who had more skilled people because suddenly most guilds couldn't get past chromaggus anymore.
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100 Human Priest
Healing is much more like vanilla. It takes some fun effort, is no longer a mad clickfest to see who can spam their fastest healing spell. In a nutshell, it requires you to think.

I heal now much like I did in vanilla - using the most appropriate spell(s) for the occasion by paying attention to what is going on. It is not a chore, it is not "hard" in the sense that it is undoable. some basic reading and playing with the tools I have at hand were all it took.

My vote is people just l2p and quit whining.
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85 Undead Priest
in vanilla it was more about using healing tactics to conserve mana. knowing when to spam heal, when to stop casting for a while to regen mana, using downranked heals to save mana when you could, and so on.

with the new model the idea to conserve mana is just spam a bad heal repeatedly instead of using your tools.

while wotlk healing might have been a tad overpowered, i had a lot more fun as a healer being able to use all my spells, heal people for large enough amounts, and basically feel like i made a significant difference.

i think one of the bigger culprits to this poor healing model they used is giving everyone so much mana regen during combat that it removed the need to care about the 5 second rule.

so now to save mana i can either spend 7 seconds casting 3 heals for 8k each and output 24k healing, or for the same mana cast one gheal in just over 2 seconds for about 20k healing, and it adds up to the same mana cost basically.

its just a little more efficient to spend longer casting crappy heals because it adds up to roughly 20% more healing per mana, and since it takes longer you also regenerated more mana in the process.

i think the healing model would be better and more fun to go back to vanilla style where your in combat regen was terrible, but your heals did solid amounts and could save lives, and you had to think about what you are doing.

the current model is actually a pretty brainless 1 step model. spam your cheap efficient heal as much as possible, the end.
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2 Gnome Rogue
As a druid in vanilla - downranked healing touch most of the time, rejuv spot heal the raid, highest rank HT for emergency, regrowth for emergency. Druids didn't have nearly much emphasis on HoT's back then.

Played Shaman in BC, spam downranked chain heal most of the time.

Now playing paladin (I skipped most of WOTLK, so I don't really care about how it was done then, I just know it was easy as pie), and it's actually more diverse. DL emergency, flash of light off my bar, and holy light/WoG/shock are my goto spells most of the time. If I'm spamming holy light I prefer to be doing it on the a non beacon target (and tank is usually beaconed), as goes back to heal the tank for nearly the same amount, minus 1k.
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87 Blood Elf Priest
Ah, ok I did forget about decursive true and I'll admit I mostly raided as DPS in vanilla and only really did 5 or 10 mans at most on my priest, but still, what I said still stands. You did mostly just hide in the crowd the bigger the raid got.
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85 Undead Priest
i havent played the other healing classes at 85 so i dont know how it is for them, but when you really start looking at the cost on priest heals compared the healing done, it basically feels like you are penalized for using anything other than heal.

even renew which used to be one of the goto spells for a priest should now only really be used on the tank to supplement your healing because its cost is more than its worth for the healing done, but you can use it on the tank with chakra since you know you will keep casting heals on him to reset the timer which makes it worth using.

just randomly tossing renew on a dps to heal up his light damage taken is a bad idea now.
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90 Tauren Druid
I healed on this character in Classic.

When I healed in Classic, this is what I usually had on my bar:

  • Four different ranks of healing touch, from a fast and small HT to a slow, massive HT. A downranked HT was the most frequent heal I cast.

  • Rejuvenation and Regrowth, but these were only placed on tanks or people that were taking constant amounts of damage.

  • Abolish Poison and Remove Curse

  • Tranquility

  • Innervate for the priests.

That was pretty much it for my healing. I didn't have fancy raid frames or click-to-heal addons until much later in the game. I decursed more than I healed. When Tree Form came out late in the expansion, we only had one druid switch over to be "the HoT master" with the rest of us relying on our HT ranks.

The way that I'm healing now feels very similar to this old model - hots on tank, with the added bonus of having more AoE heals such as WG and Efflor.
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85 Human Paladin
As I recall playing my priest then... we commonly split-spec'd, going far enough into Disc to get the bigger mana pool and then dropped the remaining points into Holy. Stacked spell power to boost the HPS, and mp5 for regen, then downranked our spells based on certain "sweet spots" where the HPS vs mp5 resulted in max throughput for minimum output.

But I still recall fights, esp in MC, where we had heal rotations.

It feels like many things Blizzard has "improved" targeted a lot of what we used to do - split specs, downranking, mp5 or spirit stacking. It's been a steady chipping away at player creativity for the sake of homogenization ever since mid-TBC IMO.
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85 Tauren Druid
In vanilla Druids were only there to buff, innervate the priest and brez the tank. They didn't really contribute to healing in a meaningful way, nor did shamans or paladins.
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90 Night Elf Druid
I plaed as a Pally then and tbh playing this Druid now doesn't feel much different than that. Yeah I get an AOE heal compared to then but the bulk of the healing feels the same.

Back then if Pally's weren't cleansing for the entire fight ( yeah you could blow the hell out of a mana bar simple becaue of how much cleansing needed to be done) or buffing ( which got eased once they added the greaters somewhat) then you spammed FoL. If there wasn't a lot of cleansing for some reason they generally sat me on one of the tanks and I spammed FoL for 6-7 minutes straight. If you had you use a Holy Light you wanted to stab someone because it blew your mana bar up. Also Pallies had the bad side effect of not having any Regen tools, and Innervate was completely worthless to us so you just chugged mana pots and stacked the crap out of MP5. If you were completely out you could toss LoH and get some back but that was a last resort.

TBC was in some ways like it is now except for one major difference, when you tossed that big heal out you could actually tell it. Yeah it burnt the heck out of mana but at least it felt like it had an affect on the target. Thats honestly my biggest gripe about healing now, even your big heal feels tiny and weak, which leaves me feeling tiny and weak across the board when I heal.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
All I did on my pally in vanilla was buff 40 people for 3 minutes then use downranked heals for 2 minutes then buff for 3 min etc.

Sadly this isn't really too far from the truth.
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83 Goblin Shaman
Depended heavily on whether you used UI mods and macros or not.

Fresh UI: I actually kind of liked vanilla healing; downranking gave you really fine grained control over how much mana you wanted to spend for how much healing.

Modded UI: Yaaay one button healing. To be fair, this was pretty much how everything played out in vanilla for people who wanted to use macros and mods though - back then macros/mods could make intelligent decisions about what spell to cast (so instead of you seeing the tank missing "x" health, predicting he'll lose another "y" before your heal goes off and choosing to use "z" rank of your major heal to to as efficient as possible - the mod would do that for you and just auto-cast the correct heal). Boring as sin :( For tanks and dps'ers you could basically program a priority list into a macro or mod and one-button play in the vast majority of situations.

Things I liked: Manually downranking was interesting, but the new 3-heal model is better in the long run I think (and I definitely understand why they broke downranking). Healing rotations to get out of the 5sr were pretty interesting back when there was the /guidnamehealers channel to chat in :D

Things I disliked: Later encounters were heavily balanced around "smart" ui mods (things like decursive) - which sucked as it tended to be very un-entertaining mechanics (okay Tinker, spam your decursive button the whole fight... and then in phase 2, spam the decursive button some more!) - but it was the only way to bring "challenge" into a world where the UI could make all the decisions for you instantly.

I was mostly a druid healer and warrior tank in vanilla, as a druid I got a bit tired of basically being an innervate for a "real" healer too. Vanilla balance sucked, but it was just a totally different design back then (druids and priests weren't intended to have the same healing output). And hey, the class design team consisted of what? Chilton and Jordan and that was it I think?

Lol, anyone remember the idea that if druids could do 33% of the damage of a rogue, 33% of the healing of a priest, and 33% of the tanking-capability of a warrior they were balanced? Thank god that was a short lived philosophy >.>

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90 Undead Priest
12/17/2010 2:58 PMPosted by Xynx
We downranked our heals to stay efficient.

This, but we also chugged mana pots like there was no tomorrow on pretty much all boss fights (there wasn't a 1-per-fight restriction back then, only a cooldown).
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100 Troll Priest
Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel,Dispel.

"Hey guys, I need an innervate!"

Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel, Dispel,Dispel.

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85 Blood Elf Paladin
We downranked our heals to stay efficient.

yeppers, hardly ever used our biggest heal...i was a shaman back then healing.

Brofist bump.

Yeah i was a shaman for original through the end of tbc. Down ranking and carrying enough mana potions around that made you look like an addict was pretty common place.

Healers had to farm all sorts of silly things all in the name of mana regen. Anyone else remember the good ol days of farming felwood till your eyes bled so that AQ40 was a little less painful? No one really spammed heals because heals were strong enough to top people off in one go. I typically used all my spells until the end of TBC when I sat down and realized my rank 1 chain heal was by far my best heal because i could chain cast it and get almost no over healing.
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