Story time! :D

So I've been wondering as of late, how have you guys been dealing with heroics? Have you been in guild groups? Pugs? Server pugs? How have they been? Good? OK? Bad? Terribad? WORST WASTE OF TIME EVARR?

Basically if you guys are bored enough and have some spare time, write an interesting or creative recount of how your cataclysm normals or heroics have been going, or a specific run that stood out! I'm sure we all have some funny or depressing stories to tell as pugs are pretty much a toss of the dice. I will write a story below myself!

Please, just have a good time writing and reading. I mean... if writing and reading arn't your thing then feel free to just not look here, of course everyone loves DRAMA STORIES if they care to admit it or not.
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Here is one of mine for example:

I'm doing heroic vortex pinn with a guild group before they "fixed" the issue of being dropkicked off the edge.... well... It's good not to be dropkicked off the edge however I had jumped intentionally for fun because one of the group members was afk and I was bored. The sad thing is this was, as I stated before, a time before they "fixed" what would happen if you jumped off. NOW if you jump off you fly up for about 10 seconds then get put back to the entrance of the instance. At the time I jumped off it would send you flying up for about 10-15 seconds, then hopefully shoot you back onto the platform you jumped off. Sadly for me, it just didn't like me. I ended up hoving up and falling back down, foating in the air for a good 20 minutes. We tried everything: Blinking when at the top, ice blocking, porting myself, hearthing, eventually even the priest tried to pull me back with leap of faith... a few members jumped with me and ended up getting shot back up just fine. We were freaking out because it was kind of hillarious and kind of depressing for me. You know... seeing your self going up and down next to a ledge for 20 minutes gets old quickly. Finally I tried logging out and.... nothing happened lol. Eventually we just gave up and kicked me out of the group and once I got out we reformed. After that it was a pretty boring a mediocore run. No drama, no yelling, just downed the bosses and got blue shinies. Meh.

I know this wasn't all that exciting but this is just an example :)
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