How am i supposed to get away?

85 Goblin Warrior
12/18/2010 10:45 PMPosted by Zergal
Stand on a hill at 40 yards and the warrior will never get to you.

Heroic Leap?

Reading comprehension? Your theorycrafting is silly, I'm basing my facts on duels with a multi-season gladiator hunters, several of them. Hunters are not terrible at the moment, some classes are simply stupid, warriors are a little over the top but if they are your main concern then you aren't arena'ing at all.

Take my posts as constructive criticism, if you can trinket intercept after the warrior has already used heroic leap you can kite him forever, use roar of sacrifice to become immune to critical strikes, deterrance when warrior changes to zerker stance, etc.

AGAIN, I'm not saying warriors are weak, just answering the OP's question as to how to get away from a warrior.
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90 Tauren Shaman
I don't even wanna start on warrior imbalances..
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85 Undead Rogue
I am more concerned about the massive amount of gap closers classes are getting.

Just to clarify, by "classes" you mean warriors. Ret got a small speed boost if they judge from far away, but other than that nobody god anything new.
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6 Gnome Warlock
I have an idea.

Play better.
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85 Undead Rogue
12/18/2010 7:34 AMPosted by Nerdchopper
Lay traps down, entrapment, jump charges, disengage, ice trap, scatter shot his charge,

Many ways for a hunter to get away from a warrior.

If you jump his charges and run up a hill, heroic leap is useless also.

Traps slow just as much as hamstring/PH, you can't jump charges anymore afaik, 3 gap closers > 1 disengage, frost and freezing trap share CD.

so you're left with scatter shot and entrapment as the only downtime warriors have on a hunter, and any distance gained will just be negated as soon as they end via charge/intercept/HLeap.

Warriors (and to a tiny little lesser extent, ferals) have incredible mobility. Couple that with incredible damage and you have a problem..
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86 Goblin Hunter
12/18/2010 11:14 AMPosted by Stoutfist
Let's put it this way: If you have more ways to keep away from them than they have ways to catch up, how often are they going to be on you?

Now that you realize that the answer to this is "never", next question: How much damage does a melee class do when it's not in melee?

Final question: If a class that does little to no damage outside of melee is never in melee, how much damage does it do?

Except hunters can only deal damage while kiting due to our minimum range.
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85 Draenei Shaman
12/18/2010 7:01 PMPosted by Zing

If you've let us get away then you are doing it wrong. And I hear deterrence works against overpower... and that we can use it when disarmed...also, we can escape while under throwdown, or imp. hamstring. Now do explain to me, how exactly, step by step, would you lose to a hunter?

The OP himself mentioned our 3 gap closers. One being buggy and hardly usable in the up and down terrain of BGs, and certain arenas. I mentioned at least 3 combinations of negating a gap closer. But I also didn't even mention a pet ability, most hunters have the stun or root, some have the disarm. All huge against warriors, the stun or root is another opportunity to escape a warrior. You're also capable of resetting all of them instantly with Readiness, that is at least 8 ways of getting away from a melee. Maybe you should stop blaming the class and start blaming the player?

edit: oh I forgot entrapment too.

My favorite part was repeat.

Glad it was. Are you implying that you can't do that? Last time I checked Readiness resets those cooldowns.

Wow, I hope Readiness isn't like only available to 1 Hunter tree or something like that.
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65 Blood Elf Priest
Honestly, if you're a warrior that ever has trouble with an even hunter you're terrible.

Hunters have to deal with excessive handicaps - bad defense, no self-heal, bad melee, bad mobility, clumsy utility and reliance on kiting when every other class has a plethora of anti-kite tools even though kiting would be hard enough if they didn't. To top it off, hunter range is nerfed and damage is inadequate to compensate for any of the above weaknesses, much less all of them together.

Warriors, on the other hand, have great mobility, great defense, limited self healing, and huge damage potential, and it's naturally easier to close gaps than it is to gain them. Range is a non-issue because warriors have such reliable range closers.

Honestly, the hunter class has always been a turd, they just can't seem to get it right, and I know exactly why. They need to have better mobility and competent melee. The class' functionality is dependent on those two things and the devs refuse to acknowledge it.
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85 Draenei Shaman
You know, I've never understood what logic went into making Hunters unable to shoot when someone's in your face.

A Mage can let off a Fireball in someone's face without backlash, a Warlock can call down a goddamn meteor when they're standing in the circle, and you're telling me a Hunter can't shoot point-blank? Insanity.
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65 Blood Elf Priest
12/19/2010 9:24 AMPosted by Raganrok
You know, I've never understood what logic went into making Hunters unable to shoot when someone's in your face.

A Mage can let off a Fireball in someone's face without backlash, a Warlock can call down a goddamn meteor when they're standing in the circle, and you're telling me a Hunter can't shoot point-blank? Insanity.

It would be a non-issue if hunter melee was as good as it was originally intended to be. That is to say, not optimal but definitely usable.
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90 Draenei Priest
12/18/2010 10:04 PMPosted by Pizzashark
Scatter Shot > Freezing Trap > Deterrence > Disengage > Master's Call > Readiness > repeat

If you haven't gotten away by doing that then I you're doing it wrong.

More than ever, your avatar confirms how absurdly dumb Worgen look.

I don't know what's worse: How dorky Worgen look 9 out of 10 times or those infernal sounds they make every few seconds.
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85 Orc Hunter
Either 5-8 yard range kite them (same as since TBC) or get max range. Either way, they can't do anything, and warrior is probably the easiest fight for a hunter 1v1 if the hunter knows what he's doing, just as it's always been.
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