mdps not fairing well in pve

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When you said mdps, I thought you meant "magical DPS." You know, like Warlocks and Mages, and Elemental Shamans.

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Also, wrath was melee friendly in that it was fair. The vast majority of the fights were even in terms of who gets the most dangerous job with these mechanics, the number of fights which were catered 'easy' for melee can be counted on both hands, ironicly so can the number of fights which favored range over melee.

Arguably almost all of Ulduar was melee friendly. ToC the only fight that seemed annoying as melee could be faction champs. My guild would just stack the adds on Anub so melee wouldnt even have to move to cleave. The fights in ICC that were not fun as melee were LDW and Blood Princes.
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Melee seem to be in a pretty decent place right now for pve. I must admit though, that I have to concentrate a lot harder on my warrior than I do my mage. On my mage, the biggest challenge in heroics is just staying awake.

When I play my warrior I have to be smart to avoid as much damage as possible. Reacting to boss mechanics before they happen, using heroic leap/intercept to quickly leave and return to melee avoid nasty things, as well as make use of shield wall and enraged regeneration once in a while.

On my mage i'm always far more concerned with watching for that magic fireball/pyroblast crit to maximize my combustion. Paying more attention to dps than mechanics for the most part.
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Certain fights are worse for melee, and certain fights are worse for ranged. I agree that the first boss in Tol Vir is a rough one for melee. Less so, I think, because you have to move around (you can still attack and use all of your strikes while moving), but because you have to find a spot IN melee range NOT on or near any bombs. On heroic...bombs are everywhere.
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Short answer - ret is bad and needs buffs.

Don't PVP - suicide might look like an option after you experience that.
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12/19/2010 4:52 PMPosted by Astinus
I heard melee have instant attacks that you can use while moving.

I heard those attacks are long range, the boss hitboxes are huge, and that boss ground hazard mechanics actually start wide and narrow as they approach the ranged casters, who can more or less stand still...

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It sort of is a ret specific problem. The ret mechanic just really doesnt work well when it keeps getting interrupted.. its got a slow build up time and when that gets interrupted it starts back at the beginning..

in any case, feral druids dont count, considering theyre pretty damn op atm, and alot of your damage comes from dots.

@ndamun... first, dont call me princess, what are you, gay? and second, are you serious? you really think its easier to constantly move with the boss and dps rather than stand still for 30 seconds, move once and then repeat? and generally kiting is done in a circle, so... you dont have to move.. ever? gee, youre soooo smart, plz imbide me with your knowledge, for I AM NOT WORTHY!!!! -_-
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12/19/2010 8:49 PMPosted by Magnier
*Bosses that I can think of that catered toward Melee*




Is that why DKs almost always topped that fight?
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