The Holy Paladin issue reexamined

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Once upon a time in a world (of warcraft) only used to create hypothetical situations to be used as metaphors, there was a class known as a Hunter. This class was capable of solid dps and raid utility but, unfortunately, Hunters were somewhat bland to play. They only used two primary damage abilities with an occasional third to be used while in motion. After several years of solid performance with bland game play and a building outcry to add another ability to the arsenal, a new expansion was set to be released.

Hunters rejoiced because they were to be given new abilities to enhance the gaming experience. They became even more excited because the best ability had new, interesting mechanics. To use this ability effectively, the player was required to build up three charges by using either Steady Shot or Wing Clip. As you would guess, the primary way of building charges was through the repeated use of Steady Shot during certain parts of the rotation.

With this new ability in their arsenal, hunters gained an edge in dps over other classes during raids. Unfortunately, this added dps was the result of a development flaw that caused an extra shot to be fired at no cost each time the new ability was used. Most serious players recognized this issue and expected a fix to come in the near future.

Just one week after the expansion was released the issue of the extra damage was resolved. However, instead of reducing Hunter dps through adjusting the mechanics of the extra shot that was fired, the developers instead reduced the damage of the new ability by 40% and altered Hunter talent points so that Wing Clip was now the only ability that would create the charges necessary to use the new ability.

As expected, this sent the Hunter community reeling. Good Hunters knew that they would still be able to dps effectively but now they were forced to revert back to the bland game play of spamming the same abilities that they did in the previous expansion. The new ability that seemed to have so much potential became obsolete in most situations.

/end metaphor

The argument here is not whether or not paladin healing was over powered. Due to a few apparent glitches with certain talents applying to beacon, paladins probably needed to be adjusted. This is something most honest paladins would agree upon. The problem is that blizzard dev took a back door approach and nerfed the problem from the wrong direction. Now, instead of being able to use our new abilities and resource bars, we have had to revert back to a holy light spam. If they had simply made LoD not heal the beacon target the entire problem with being able to spam it and keep the tank up is solved. Easy. Done. But no. Now we once again spam holy light making pally healing as watered down as it always has been. Well at least we got to enjoy new spell mechanics for a week...

P.S. Divine Plea is garbage. Rework or remove it. If you are forced to do any healing while the buff is up it will cost you more mana from the 50% reduction in healing that you get returned to you. The spell is simply broken.
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85 Tauren Priest
12/15/2010 11:04 AMPosted by Nethaera
It is intended that Protector of the Innocent and Light of Dawn transfer healing through Beacon of Light. Furthermore, we didn’t feel that changing either of those would have fixed the problem. When we looked at the numbers, paladins were getting far more Holy Power from Holy Light using Tower of Radiance than we had predicted they would. This wasn’t a problem of paladins topping healing meters or anything like that. The problem was that paladins could heal much more efficiently than other healers.
12/15/2010 2:51 PMPosted by Zarhym
Some paladins may claim Holy Light is now the only affordable heal. This is inaccurate and we're confident we'll see talented paladins shine using all of the appropriate tools in their kit.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
The question has never been whether or not "talented paladins shine." The question is how talented do they need to be? This applies to all healers, not just paladins.

I haven't had any noteworthy issues, but a lot of my friends are. Many of my friends have outright given up on healing. There is a much larger barrier for entry now than there was, and it's larger for healers than it is for tanks or DPS.

Is it too large? Is it that they're spoiled? I can't say, but I know how they feel... and I know I have instant queues, so they can't be alone.
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
Divine Plea is useful if you run out of mana and don't need your throughput CDs.

Basically allows you to sacrifice a lot of throughput for a bit of mana regen.
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85 Human Paladin
Speaking of this nerf, what about paladins abilities to deal with AoE damage?
Holy radiance eats up 12% of my mana(kings+enchancement flask) and only dose 1400healing per tick, thats what 14,000 healing to each target(under 7 people and withen 20yards) and Light of dawn which heals for about 4-6k per target if they line up right and are in the right range.

I am using my herbalism buff just to give me some extra haste and less worry about me in AoE healing situations, but many fights seem nearly impossible or pure luck if we down the boss. Hell I was just in a throne of the tides heroic, on the last boss after a few wipes, I had to let two DPS die in phase three just to keep the tank and myself alive, I popped everything I could in the small windows between heals.
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85 Undead Priest
Its like if you had a table of nerds at school that got bullied all the time.

One of them was slightly taller then the rest and was therefor more resistant to the bullying. Its not like it doesnt happen, he just gets out of it alot more.

So you saw half his legs off so hes shorter and easier to bully.

Thats pretty much holy paladins right now. All the healers are at the nerds table getting beat on by the bullies in pvp and blizzard decides to chop us down then help us out.
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85 Human Paladin
Not just that but i personaly find myself constantly scrounging for mana because i dont have any mana returning to me, i dont mind the new updates as much as some but i find that holy light just doesnt cut it when every party member is taking damage and i can only heal the tank about 4% of the overall tank's health. And not just that, Beacon of Light has also been cut down to 50%, i dont find a problem with this, other than the fact that i have no mana.

Raid healing in this class is severely lacking, with the new spells Light of Dawn, Holy Radiance and Healing Hands taking up so much mana so quickly, and i only get about 2k heals a second when my team is taking 3k. This does give me enough time to heal the tank without worrying about the team members kicking the bucket. But when the time is over i dont have enough mana to heal the rest of the fight.

With the new mechanics of holy healing, the class will die, if something needs to be changed it is mana consumption, if something is going to keep just the tank up (holy light) it might need to be a little bit more powerful so it isnt making you spam divine light and killing your mana. Lowering the mana consumption of all the spells will be a big step in the right direction.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
I agree that Divine Plea has issues, but then if you can manage to go without casting for a fair portion of the duration it is an incredible boon. The idea is to always use it during dry spells of fights and avoid using it at all on fights with no dry spells. A good example of this is Erudax in Grim Batol. During his Shadow Gale no real damage should be going out (should, if your group members are outside the circle even a little they will take quite a bit obviously). Generally speaking there is time to heal players up before AND during this, or for them to top themselves off during it and you to regenerate.

I have no doubt there will be ample opportunity to do so during raids as well... and if there is not, make an opportunity by making use of other raid members' abilities.

I recently found myself with rather high mana at the end of a boss fight that did not go well (we still won). With several group members dead and my mana at 75%, I felt it was time to play better (and for them to play better) and so I reforged off a large chunk of spirit for haste and mastery increases. I have yet to test it, but I suspect it will be well worth the loss. :D
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85 Blood Elf Paladin
12/16/2010 11:59 PMPosted by Aimber
Hell I was just in a throne of the tides heroic, on the last boss after a few wipes, I had to let two DPS die in phase three just to keep the tank and myself alive, I popped everything I could in the small windows between heals.

Spam Flash of Light on the three DPS, hit Aura Mastery (with Resistance Aura up) if damage gets overwhelming. Beacon will keep up the tank, PotI should keep you up. You will have near infinite mana in P3 (mana regeneration is increased by 500%), so that is sustainable.
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