Disc healing?

85 Blood Elf Priest
Just curious but how is Disc healing now days? I hear everyone saying holy is the way to go now but I loved healing as disc back in Wraith.
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85 Tauren Priest
Discipline is very solid for raid healing. Prayer of Healing is fantastic HPS and ridiculous HPM.

For 5-mans, the mana feels a lot better after the recent Rapture buff.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Ah cool. I been trying out holy spec but it just isn't cutting it for me some how.
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85 Worgen Priest
I have switched officially to Disc while levelling during Cata. I found Holy at first to be too hard on my mana pool. With Disc, I hear other priests complaining that shields do not absorb enough, however, I am healing much now like I did in Classic. If it's an emergency? Shield, Penance, Greater Heal, Renew. You can substitute Flash Heal if Penance is on CD. Make sure to use your Shadowfiend. AOE damage can be hard, but stay calm, shield the DPS, focus on keeping POM and Renew on the tank, Flash Heal him/her only to keep him/her alive, otherwise use Penance or Greater Heal. Greater Heal is now the main spell you should be casting on the tank. Let Renew and regular Heals take care of DPS if you have enough time, if not, Flash Heal, but beware of spamming it, you should only be using it sometimes, not all the time, as it will eat your mana. Use Inner Will instead of Inner Fire, I have found Haste/Spirit to be good for Disc, so always reforge and enchant for those stats. I have found little use for the new end-of-the-tree shield ability, but I have used it a few times, I just think it doesn't last long enough, and sometimes people run out of it. Don't forget if you are having problems fighting a boss, use Pain Suppression on the tank, use Power Infusion on your top DPS at critical moments. Instead of saving a spell like Inner Focus for critical moments, use it when you are about 20-30% mana, instead of saving Shadowfiend for low mana, use it at about 50% mana.
Warlocks have a new ability, Dark Intent, ask them to cast it on you if you are healing, so that your Renew can tick for more, and always keep a Renew on the tank.

As of right now I can give you some stats:
Greater Heal Hit: 20k, Crit: 40k
Flash Heal Hit: 12k, Crit: 20k
Penance Hits: 6k, Crit: 8-10k
Heal Hit: 7k, Crit: 10k
Renew ticks: 2.5k, Crit: ~4k

Remember to spec for Haste in Shadow, and Improved Renew in Holy.

In Classic what saved your butt as Disc was having a powerful Renew spell and lots of Spirit. That holds true now.

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85 Goblin Priest
12/16/2010 11:46 PMPosted by Dorry

In Classic what saved your butt as Disc was having a powerful Renew spell and lots of Spirit. That holds true now.

Disc doesn't use Renew that much, dude. Three situations: The tank is going to take tremendous damage you can't keep up with With Greater Heal, or b) you are moving. c) you can't spare the time to cast "Heal"

Even through all this, I think Flash Heal is better unless you have 3/3 MA, Inner Will and Borrowed Time up.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
ty for the advice
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85 Human Priest
Renew ticks can crit, in which case they proc Divine Aegis. I've spec'd and glyphed for it. It hits for a ton if your lock gives you Dark Intent.

It's a great spell to use as Disc if you're on the move, or if you want to patch up a dps'er, and PoH is not applicable, and then move quickly back to casted heals on the tank. At 12.6% haste, it will hit for a 5th tick (or 7.6% if you have the haste buff). It could eventually heal for about as much as a Greater Heal does once it's done ticking, at a similar cost, if it ticks 5 times (or about like a Flash Heal if it only ticks 4 times). It also benefits from Archangel if you spec into it.

It also does not cause Grace to fall off your tank.

I love AA/Renew, it's very satisfying when I time my AA ahead of raid damage thus making my Poh and Renews that much more efficient. It's a great way to justify the additional cost of building up AA in the first place.

Granted, this is an expensive spell. You do have to consider the mana rammifications if you plan on using it, and you'll want a good amount of spirit to support this spell if you plan on using it a lot.

A heavy diet of Renew is something Discs have to consider when our Spirit numbers start to escalate, and the creative potential of our vast spellbook starts to come out more than what we're seeing now.
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