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85 Tauren Paladin
Do any other healers feel that we just plain lack the tools to heal people in BG's. I cant speak for arena, as I wont be doing any until the weekend, but every time I try to heal someone in a BG, I just cant. The damage incomming is higher then most things in pve (even when its just 2v2), and I am cc'd and stunned far more then I ever remember in wotlk.

I feel this all stems from 2 things really, the abundance of interupts + stuns + general cc (combined with the fact they all go full duration now), and the fact that Dps'ers dont have crappy gear anymore. Maybe I'm alone here, but whenever I see a warrior and a mage on the other side, I cry a little. I cannot cast a single spell, cause it will either be interupted, or the warrior will stun me in one way or another, so my healing i basically down to holy shock and WoG, which sadly cannot heal people through a 1v1 fight, never mind 2. The not casting is not just for that combo, I get very little casted spells off against anyone anymore.

So perhaps blizzard has changed its healing model. Healers should no longer be able to keep up a group 3v3 until their mana runs out. Im not even sure we can do it 2v2. So my new BG strat is to try to kite as many dps as possible. I find that if I can kite/take beatings for 10 seconds, then assuming even numbers, one of them usualy dies ;D
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90 Troll Priest
Totally agree.

As a squishy priest, I do feel that part of it is not having damage reducing pvp gear though.

Otherwise it does seem nearly impossible to heal pvp effectively. I feel this is because healing has been slow'd down or that or heals do not match our new health pools (I personally dont see my heals healing for anymore than they did at level 80).
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80 Gnome Warlock
I agree also, I have a Shammy and the Trama Healing model just doesnt seem to work in PvP. Its very frustrating, on top of that we are practically free HK. Granted I have a ways to go as far as gear since I only have 1k resiliance at the moment but that will not help my ability to keep another player alive with 5k and 6k heals when the damage coming is is more.

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100 Night Elf Hunter
Yep. It is really bad, no doubt about it. Can't even premade out of this mess either, healers are simply useless in BGs atm. I would like to see them buff heals in PVP just so that we have some sense of adding to the battle. A hearty HPS and Mp5 boost should be simple enough to code and protect their pve vision imho.
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85 Human Priest
Its hard to say without people being properly geared. I haven't done any real BGing or properly specced, but I'd assume I'd get absolutely smashed.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I don't want them to make PvE healing any easier than it already is, but I can imagine making a pvp battleground/arena/tol barad healing buff of +100% to heals or some other specific PvP buff would allow competition without being overpowered.

It would be simple to institute the buff without affecting PvE at all...just have it turn off in the raid portion of Tol Barad and make the AV end bosses do more damage to compensate.
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85 Tauren Paladin
I'm sitting at 1750 resil, with nearly every peice of gear being ether crafted pvp, or the blue honor gear. Resil trinket in 1 slot, int jc trinket in the other. I reforged for haste, gemmed for int, and am specced pvp to get free holy power and as fast a cast as possible. It is still laughably easy to interupt me, which is a big problem. The bigger problem is that the lockouts often last half the duration of the cd, so 2 dps can stop you from casting anything without throwing a single stun at you.

So I'm fairly certain its not a gear issue, as i outgear nearly every dps when it comes to pvp. Basicly, outside of bubble (even when I have aura mastery up) I cant heal people for enough. i'm really hopping im at least useful for arena, cause ret looks terrible in pvp atm, so do not want.
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85 Goblin Priest
healers are free honor. it's not just sound strategy to kill a healer first, it's because we are shut downed so damn easily.
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