I know how to use the new healing model ...

85 Undead Priest
... and I still don't like it.
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85 Dwarf Paladin
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85 Tauren Paladin
I know how to use it also, and I love it. Healing has changed from a game where reaction time matters more than anything else to a game where good decision making matters more than anything else.

If you're healing by just trying to spam the cheap efficient heal, you're doing it wrong. Every healing spec props up that cheap efficient heal with all kinds of talent support that lets it do more than just its base healing. Using the various talented tricks that boost healing is a very large part of effectively playing a healer now, whereas in Wrath they were mostly treated as passives that were handy when they proc'd but nobody paid much attention.

A simple example is that Shamans and Paladins should virtually never be casting Healing Wave or Holy Light without Tidal Waves / Infusion of Light active. Both classes are designed in such a way that Riptide / Holy Shock are always the first spell cast, and it's done that way because efficiency comes from using your various talented tricks to make those heals better. Priests use Chakra states in something like the same way. Druids use Swiftmend and Efflorescence to supplement rolling lifeblooms.

I use more of my spells more often now than I ever did in Wrath. To say that healing has become more boring than it used to be astonishes me. Of all the healing specs, only Druid could even say that with a straight face (because their model has changed the most), and even there I disagree that being forced to cast something other than Rejuvenation is a bad thing.
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85 Troll Shaman
That is a fine opinion to have.
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85 Tauren Druid
Three second cast times are extremely painful to watch.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
I know how to use the new healing model...

And I've finished all the heroics and got Cataclysm Dungeon achievements...

And I still don't like it...
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