Hey guys,

I have been slowing gearing to heal heroics - I'm at a sufficient iLvl now, but I am struggling and haven't been able to get past most first bosses before the group dissolves. I have only been able to get thru heroic pinnacle. The tank and 2 dps were in the same guild, so I might have just been carried along.

I think I have adjusted well to the new form of mana management; I do not flash heal unless it's an emergency, I am usually always in the chakra heal state, my gear has been reforged from crit to spirit where necessary, etc.

Is it safe to assume that a casual player like myself who relies on the LFD tool to get groups, will not be able to get thru these instances until every player is 85 and has died together enough to learn encounters? or healing coefficients are buffed? The guild I'm in is very casual, and has 2 tanks that don't play regularly, so it's impossible for me to count on them to be around for me group with.

If anyone has any advice, pleeeease leave me some. I am desperate to not be stuck in regulars/the 1st boss of heroics.