Time Warner Instance Load Screen Hanging

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I have TWC in North Carolina, and I have had issues with them connecting to instance servers only. My main server is Stormrage, but the instance server I have the most problems with is BoT and the IP I got when I ran netstat -n was I don't know if this is the Chicago datacenter, but I know that it is on a central timezone. I would love to help you resolve this issue ... raiding is becoming impossible.
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01/06/2011 3:50 PMPosted by BrianI
I'd love to see what you have to send, sure. :)

The vast majority of people reporting this are going to the Chicago DC, but I have seen one or two verified reports of instance zoning to the LA DC. Any more data would be appreciated.

Will do! What type of time frame do you want for the trace? A couple minutes before and on to a couple minutes after?

It has happened twice tonight so far.

Thanks again!
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Before I had found this thread earlier, I had to tried to uninstall and reinstall WoW. Now that I have been trying to update it, I am unable to. I get an error saying "Failed to download information about the next patch. Check your network connection."
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I have this issue since cataclysm as well.

Time Warner Cable.

Norwood, NY. Please let me know what I can do to help to resolve this issue.
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The same thing has been happening to me on one of my two computers. I found a work around that may help some of you until they get a permanent fix. This worked for me the last four times I tried it, it may not for you but it's worth a try.

For some reason, I have no problems logging onto my account with my older computer. On my new computer I cannot get past the blue line of death. So what I do is when I reach that point I log into the same account on my older computer and it kicks me back out on the newer one. When I get my character logged on, on my older computer I relog again on the newer computer and wahlah I can get my character in game. It's like for some reason logging my char in on my old computer somehow helps me get past the blue line of death on the newer computer. Weird I know but somehow it works. Sometimes I have to do it twice but it always works. Anyhow hope this helps some of you get in game until they resolve this issue.
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Time Warner cable Charleston SC
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Brighthouse Networks, Melbourne FL, connecting to a Chicago server
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I have TWC and have been experiencing this issue for several weeks. Only instance loading screens hang, no others do (character selection, etc are fine ). After a loading screen hang, I can almost always expect to see a large amount of latency once combat begins (people start running in place, I can't cast, etc).

My realm is Runetotem. So for me, I am having problems with the instance server only. I currently have no major issues (outside of a small amount of latency since 4.0.1) on Runetotem.
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Happens to me as well; same as previous posters. I have it in and out of arenas, or loading zones, never had issues before.

My brother is a TWC tech, has checked my connections over the course of several days, says my link is fine.

I do anything else w/the net, its fine. Just WoW.
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Same issue here. Upstate NY, TWC. I'm also getting issues where in-game I'll be able to see, and interact with trade chat/chat in general, but my character will be unable to load npc's or interact with the world. Basically its like the game stops accepting input commands (spells, movement, etc) from me besides chat. I can see other players moving around fine. Infact, if I'm mounted, and dismount, Ill be "running" at full mount speed on the ground. Thats the big tip off. I waited 15 minutes before giving up. I was in the dungeon que as well, got the popup to join, clicked join and......hang at load screen. No loading before finally disconnected after approx 2 min.

I then signed back in and I was in the dungeon group. Bizarre and very frustrating!!

My roommates are getting these issues too, but its only one of us at a time. NEVER all of us. Were using the same internet so this is really just a nightmare.

connection.log after it disconnected me:

1/6 21:56:48.075 Login program=WoW platform=Win locale=enUS
1/6 21:56:48.150 Component WoW.Win.13329
1/6 21:56:48.227 Component WoW.base.13329
1/6 21:56:48.252 Component WoW.enUS.13329
1/6 21:56:48.293 Component Tool.Win.2104
1/6 21:56:49.270 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_CONNECTING result: LOGIN_OK
1/6 21:56:49.346 Connecting to
1/6 21:56:50.390 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_AUTHENTICATED result: LOGIN_OK
1/6 21:56:51.982 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_CONNECT code=CSTATUS_CONNECTING
1/6 21:56:52.023 GRUNT: state: RESPONSE_CONNECTED result: LOGIN_OK
1/6 21:56:52.458 ClientConnection Completed: COP_CONNECT code=RESPONSE_CONNECTED result=TRUE
1/6 21:56:52.500 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_AUTHENTICATE code=CSTATUS_AUTHENTICATING
1/6 21:56:52.765 ClientConnection Completed: COP_AUTHENTICATE code=AUTH_OK result=TRUE
1/6 21:56:53.386 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_GET_CHARACTERS code=43
1/6 21:56:54.002 ClientConnection Completed: COP_GET_CHARACTERS code=44 result=TRUE
1/6 21:57:24.928 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=76
1/6 21:57:33.273 ClientConnection Completed: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=77 result=TRUE
1/6 22:03:28.024 ClientConnection Completed: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=77 result=TRUE
1/6 22:03:29.228 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_GET_CHARACTERS code=43
1/6 22:03:29.472 ClientConnection Completed: COP_GET_CHARACTERS code=44 result=TRUE
1/6 22:03:46.830 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_GET_REALMS code=REALM_LIST_IN_PROGRESS
1/6 22:03:46.870 ClientConnection Completed: COP_GET_REALMS code=REALM_LIST_SUCCESS result=TRUE
1/6 22:03:49.333 ClientConnection Completed: COP_GET_REALMS code=RESPONSE_CANCELLED result=FALSE
1/6 22:03:49.361 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_CONNECT code=CSTATUS_CONNECTING
1/6 22:03:49.521 ClientConnection Completed: COP_CONNECT code=RESPONSE_CONNECTED result=TRUE
1/6 22:03:49.542 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_AUTHENTICATE code=CSTATUS_AUTHENTICATING
1/6 22:03:49.831 ClientConnection Completed: COP_AUTHENTICATE code=AUTH_OK result=TRUE
1/6 22:03:49.847 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_GET_CHARACTERS code=43
1/6 22:03:50.250 ClientConnection Completed: COP_GET_CHARACTERS code=44 result=TRUE
1/6 22:04:04.063 ClientConnection Initiating: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=76
1/6 22:04:27.956 ClientConnection Completed: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=77 result=TRUE
1/6 22:06:55.698 ClientConnection Completed: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=77 result=TRUE
1/6 22:07:02.529 ClientConnection Completed: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=77 result=TRUE
1/6 22:11:16.064 ClientConnection Completed: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=77 result=TRUE
1/6 22:11:18.387 ClientConnection Completed: COP_LOGIN_CHARACTER code=77 result=TRUE
1/6 22:30:12.390 Client initiated Disconnect from 82ce810c
1/6 22:30:12.423 GRUNT: state: LOGIN_STATE_DISCONNECTED result: LOGIN_OK
1/6 22:30:12.437 Login program=WoW platform=Win locale=enUS
1/6 22:30:12.510 Component WoW.Win.13329
1/6 22:30:12.530 Component WoW.base.13329
1/6 22:30:12.750 Component WoW.enUS.13329
1/6 22:30:12.826 Component Tool.Win.2104
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Yup, this is exactly what has been happening to me ever since the launch of Cata. I use Time Warner Cable and it happens on every single character I have. I have done all 'fixes' and nothing has resolved the issue.

If you need any information, I will gladly help out.

This is especially frustrating when you are doing a PuG heroic and you wipe. When you finally get back in the game from Alt+F4ing, you are usually booted from the group from being offline.
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Happened five times tonight while trying to enter instances. What a pain. Northern NY, TWC user here.
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Rochester, NY TWC

Approximately 50% of the time my girlfriend and I load into an instance, arena, or battleground, the load screen freezes, and eventually disconnects.

This's also often followed by severe lag spikes (1000ms+) upon logging back into the game after force closing the game.
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BrianI, shot an e-mail to your department and am downloading Wireshark as I type this. I'll work with it and learn to use it tonight and will be ready tomorrow, as soon as I wake up. Should be around 9am PST...ish.
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I am willing to help with the packet capture but i think I am on a server located in LA soo yea..
Also having the same problem for the past month and a half (started noticing shortly after 4.0.1 pre-cata patch was released). Happens mostly when loading into BGs and instances, but seems to be happening most often when loading into arenas (very frustrating when the team cops a loss due to this). Occasionally I'd also have trouble logging in to the character after alt-f4-ing out of the game.

If it's of any relevance, my location is Brisbane, Australia, my ISP is TPG and my router is a NETGEAR DG834G. Also, I doubt that (at least for me) ISP is the cause as my friend who lives several blocks away (within the same exchange) has the exact same plan with the ISP and has never experienced this problem.

I've tried the temporary solutions suggested in the other thread with 158 pages which involves changing the Speed/Duplex of my network card, disabling all checksum offloads as well as switching to a USB wireless adapter, all to no avail.

I've also tried re-installing the game and disabling all addons and still getting the same problem.

Please fix this soon, my guild and arena team mates are getting more and more frustrated with my inability to run back after a wipe and losing an arena match because they were short a member.
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I'm on TWC / BHN network in Central Florida. I play on Stormrage. The datacenter that houses Stormrage is in Chicago. If I use a proxy service, I avoid all lag spikes and latency, however, I am experiencing this exact issue when it comes to loading instances that the OP mentioned.
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I'm with Pratorien and others on the issue. I'm fine until I have to change screens to heroics and raids. Sometimes I get lucky in the raids but often on heroic servers I'm boned. My ISP is also TWC and I live in Rochester, NY.

Its sad, but my way around it is to have someone rez me because if i release, i'll probably not make it back (and it's 5 min quicker atm).

For the record, I've never had problems until the release of the expansion so if you guys changed any major networking codes or access ports or something (i'm not a comp tech by any means) between cata and wrath, it may be well that.

Bump into the heads of TWC because it's only a matter of time before someone on the thread goes "i've changed ISP and i'm all cured" and there's mass exodus from that company.

If TWC is the problem and they want our money, they'd figure out what they are doing wrong before they lose a few X-thousand customers.
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Getting the exact same problem when I enter dungeons / BGs/ Arenas... occasionally it will load, and I will suffer immense lag. The lag will go away immediately after relogging.
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01/06/2011 8:42 AMPosted by BrianI
I am going to be looking at gathering some packet captures from people experiencing this issue. The setup that I am looking for is the simplest possible and will require downloading and running Wireshark. No wireless, no router, software firewalls temporarily removed, all drivers up to date, etc. This is just to provide a clean environment for testing purposes. If anyone is interested in assisting me with this, please email me at forumtech@blizzard.com. I am currently sorting through posts looking for other good candidates.

You will also, obviously, have to be using Time Warner or a subsidiary and connecting to the Chicago DC.

I'm glad this is being looked into. It's very frustrating. I can't PuG since the restarting would likely get me kicked from a group and I'm tired of punishing my guildmates with the restarts and the latency/dcs that occur when I successfully load into an instance. Not cool when you're offtanking or healing and lag out on the pull because you actually got past the load screen without having to restart WoW.

What's strange to me is that my husband and I are going through the same connection, but he's experiencing far fewer problems than I am, even when we are in the same heroic together. However, I have been running more instances (particularly heroics and raids, which seem to have more occurrences than normal dungeons). I'd be willing to help with testing, but he'd need to handle any firewall, router, wireless or other tech details. (Time Warner, KC, Moon Guard server)
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