Crowd control in random instances.

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I've played this game for about five years now, and I feel that, in general, my communication skills are at the very least, acceptable. Lately though, I'm finding it VERY difficult to get random groups to let me CC things in instances. I know that I'm not even doing heroics yet, but even normal instances are a challenge when my group just plows into a pack, refuses to focus fire targets, refuses to interrupt, and generally just plays like this is a Lich King heroic and we're all in ilvl 251 badge gear.

Healing has gotten significantly more difficult now (I've actually run out of mana quite a few times), and I'm having A LOT of trouble getting my party to help me out. At best, I get mocked for suggesting CC. At worst, I get booted from groups. I'm usually fairly polite, and try not to inconvenience anyone, but that's getting me nowhere.

What am I doing wrong? Can anyone suggest a proper way to request CC in dungeons? Am I just annoying the crap out of people? I don't understand why people aren't allowing me to use my class abilities to help us clear the dungeon.

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90 Night Elf Priest
Remember that that dps likely sat in the queue for 45 min waiting on a tank and a healer.
Do not be afraid to speak up.
I start off with "Please mark and cc things". If this is ignored or not done, I start doing it and handing out cc myself. If tank is ignoring it, it's quickly followed by "If you're not going to cc, I'm not going to heal. Plase kick me and find yourself another healer".
That usually gets them going. And well if they do kick you, re-queue and you're in a new group within seconds and usually better off too. Zero guilt is the way:)
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Im the same way. In Thrones yesterday the hunter kept shooting my Hex. I told him flat out if he does it again, he wont get healed. He did it again. He died every fight the rest of the dungeon until he apologized. We as healers have an awesome power in teaching players how to actually cc again now that were into a dungeon situation where its needed once more. Our queues arent half an hour, but 5 mins or so. Don't hesitate to make use of that power to bring the general level of play back up to where it should have been
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What am I doing wrong? Can anyone suggest a proper way to request CC in dungeons? Am I just annoying the crap out of people?

Unfortunately, you will probably find that people will ignore your request for CC in Normal dungeons. I queue for Normal with my guildies to cut their queue time and almost always my request for CC gets ignored by PUGs.

It will be a lot better in Heroic though - in my experience the people in Heroic dungeons are a lot more cooperative when it comes to CC and players are more skilled and experienced :)
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This is why I actually find heroics groups better than normal. People are starting to realize that CC is required in heroics, but in normal, it's usually the "lawl zerg em" mentality.
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85 Blood Elf Priest
Lolzerg is bad in normals healers do oom in those if no CC happens and DPS is slow at killing things and tank is undergeared.

So, they have to wait for healer to drink and rez those that died and they SIGH at the healer all the damn time for it.

Its totally pathetic.

I cant wait til they hit heroics and they find they should have figured what mob does what in normal and get used to what to CC and when and what to interrupt
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