Healing broken?

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So for the past 10 months, I've been sober from WoW. With Cataclysm being released, a few friends & I are rerolling & I opted to be the healer for the group. Now, I'm researching my chosen class, a druid, & it seems that healing it just completely broken right now. But it also seems that every class that can heal is complaining. Are these just bad players or is there seriously a problem healing? Prior to me leaving I healed in 10-25 mans on my paladin & I've healed exclusively in random dungeons on this character up to the level she is now. I've absolutely loved healing on my Shaman, not so much on my pally. Now should I try to get out of being the healer for this small group? Or do people think that healing will: a) balance out & get fixed; b) people will adapt to the new style of healing & certain caveats that it brings now?

Sorry for the lack of paragraphs, I'm a tad drunk. :D
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Healing is fine, and in fact you will probably enjoy it more than people who are used to the late Wrath model because you won't have as many bad habits to break.
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People just need to adjust such as DPS not expecting you to keep them up through their own herpderps.
You just do what you think is right and learn from it. That is your responsiblity.
The main arguments is that healers are taking the blame for DPS who are bad and others are telling them on how to avoid it.
If you have a tightknit group of friends, you should be fine. If you're in LFD, you're looking at a different story depending on the group.

Healing Model is fine.
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65 Draenei Shaman
Thanks for the replies, guys. That's kinda what I was assuming.
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