DPS and you - A guide

30 Dwarf Hunter
Hey guys I don't how active these forums are but I have a level 25 Prot Pali that I'm leveling and I do only 23.07 DPS.. Being a Diablo player that seems really really low for level 25. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how much DPS I should be doing, and what to look for as far as increasing my DPS. Thanks!
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This is well written and w/o judgment, I'm only an avg. player but have been with WoW for several yrs and watched as players more and more make the assumption that everyone auto KNOWS what the others are going to be doing and where they should be..but unless your in a group that plays together often, this is a mistake. Discussion is key ...ESP. when you have players that haven't been in the instance (eg. the tank). I have a pally and several times it has been assumed I would LEAD the group when I wasn't the GL or dps.. and when I had mentioned this I was told I shouldn't be a tank if i didn't know how to run the instance ( ? ). In days of old the group leader would do a brief ck and tell before the start so that everyone was on the same page and gave some direction as they progressed, in other words..LEAD the group. Earthshield has sumed it up nicely, GIVE direction, PROTECT your healz and KITE the mobs so that your GROUP has control. Well said ES.
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90 Human Paladin
This is a big question for me and a lot of people. Which of the 2 stats increase damage more than the other? Pvp power or strength? For example +160 pvp power or +160 strength
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90 Worgen Rogue
Bravo! Well said. *applauds
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57 Human Warlock
Thank you so much for putting this guide together - really great information!
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90 Blood Elf Death Knight
great post all in all
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I love me.
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